Happiness Is A Habit



Cultivate it!

Happiness is certainly a habit that we need to cultivate.  More times than not, when our energies are depleted because we’ve put everyone else’s needs first, because goodness knows, that’s what we women do, we neglect our good habits!

The first way to fix this is to be aware that we aren’t taking good care of ourselves!  That’s a great start and once we are aware, we can move onto changing.  I’m a glass half full type of gal and one that is always grateful that I have have a glass in the first place.  But not everyone is that way I’ve learned.  I think that even if you aren’t born with that thinking, we can cultivate it and find a way to have that feeling of positivity enrich our lives.  It just takes a bit of practice.

Today, I’m working on my blog and creating posts, photos and writing to my heart’s content.  That’s what brings me peace, satisfaction and joy!  I adore sharing my experiences with others in hopes of inspiring them!

So my question to you today is…what are you doing today to make you happy?

Even if it’s just a little gift to yourself of reading for 10 minutes, taking a bubble bath or walking outside in the sunshine, even meditating and deep breathing for a few moments of peace into your life?

Share with me below what you are doing for you today?  It doesn’t have to be big, nor cost a lot of money!  It simply has to be for you!

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