sometimesSometimes the bad things that happen in our lives

put us directly on the path to the best things

that will ever happen to us. ~ Nicole Reed

I love this quote because it’s honestly how this blog began.  Last night, when I laid my head upon my pillow, frustrated with all aspects of my life, I began to search inside myself for the answers as to how to change my life.  As Divine Inspiration would have it, the name of this blog literally popped into my head and the creativity began to flow, fast and furious, inspiring me in an avalanche of emotion.  And that’s how this blog was born!

The fact that I’m turning 50 in a few months isn’t really the point here.  It’s simply the catalyst for me to find myself and to figure out my life.  I’m at a crossroads, as many women seem to be these days.  So many friends and even strangers have confided in me lately with the whispers of wanting to make changes in their lives, but not knowing how to go about evolving.

First, let me be clear -I don’t have the answers, but I do have suggestions and I’m hoping that we will connect here as a community in order to help each other along the way.  Secondly, sometimes changes are necessary and if you are like me, you may have resisted the changes, but at some point, you’ve realized that resisting only makes those hard lessons persist!  Believe me, I’ve been resisting, but last night, something shifted inside of me and I chose to allow the changes to flow into my life.  I decided to embrace what is happening, instead of looking to the past and present as being unfair.  I am now choosing to embrace the lessons, to learn from them and to help others along the way.  Because as a dear friend once explained to me, when we help others, we are also helping ourselves.

Isn’t that what this life is all about?  Connecting with others, learning together and enriching our lives with peace, love and kindness?  Restoring the connections between our hearts, minds, souls and bodies?  Because sometimes, we disconnect and then we flounder until we can align ourselves again.  At least that’s what’s happened to me.

I’ve had a plethora of friends and soul family to help me through my struggles and even though I’m still struggling, I see the light which shines in my heart again!  It’s brilliant ~ a new dawn, a new chapter, filled with inspiration, strength and authenticity, along with integrity ~ indeed a healing for all to see!

Please feel free to share, support and connect with us here.  Ram Dass has a great saying which I love ~ we are all just walking each other home ~ that’s the motto here!  Let’s connect as we walk each other home.

Take my hand, let’s fly!

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2 Responses to Sometimes…

  1. I am of the mind that this age can be freeing, full of discovery and exploration, and wildly creative. There is no ending of anything by turning 50, rather it’s an exciting beginning. Welcome!


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