Mirror Talk on Aging

mirrorYikes!  It’s like the lights in my bathroom just got magnified recently and I can see how my face is so wrinkly!  Oh, who am I kidding?  Perhaps it’s just that after the holidays, being sick and now gearing up to go back to court for the next phase of the divorce, I’m finally taking a good look at myself and seeing what stress, menopause and such has done to me!  Oh. my. gosh!  Have you ever had one of those tearful ah-ha moments and scrambled for something to do about it?  Where’s the moisturizer?  Can I get into the spa for a facial?  What was that new trendy medical procedure I just read about online?  I wonder if they have a place nearby for that?  Botox?  Collagen?  Face lift?  Maybe I should get bangs again to cover the forehead wrinkles.  The thoughts swirl quickly in my head and then come to a screeching stop with the fact…I feel and I look old…I’m going to be turning 50.

Has this ever happened to you?  I have friends who have gotten laser treatments, vampire facials, injectibles and who use fancy, expensive creams.  I have friends who stopped being out in the sun years ago and have fewer wrinkles than the rest of us because of it.  I look at their seemingly flawless skin in my memory and look back at the harsh reality of my mirror and I groan.

Then my pep talk begins.  That chirpy voice who reminds me of ‘good girl Sandy’ from Grease in a way.  She pipes up to remind me, that I’m here.  I’ve survived cancer.  I’ve endured a lot of heartache and yet, I can still find happiness in my life and circumstances.  I have two amazing teenagers who love me and whom I love with my whole heart.  I am blessed with friends and a soul family who love me for who I am and don’t seem to notice my wrinkles.  I have caring neighbors who are like family.  Wrinkles are on the outside and what counts is on the inside.  Sure, first impressions count, but look someone in the eyes when you are connecting and they don’t see the wrinkles.  Instead, they admire your inner beauty which never fades away, but instead, increases as you age.  And so on, and so forth!  You get the big picture, don’t you?

I’ve not had any procedures done, but I’m not opposed to trying something new.  It’s a matter of finances for me, better said, lack thereof due to the divorce.  Sure, I have an occasional facial, pluck my sparse eyebrows and get the ‘stash waxed when needed, but I’ve yet to have anything else done.  Have you?  I would love to hear your experiences if you would share because someday, even though I’m trying to be zen about my aging, I may finally get divorced and have a chance to meet someone new and I’d like to feel good about my outsides as well!

So, do you have an inner Sandy as well? Or do you have the harsh critic?

What does she say to you?


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2 Responses to Mirror Talk on Aging

  1. rohbeant says:

    I have the harsh critic. I avoid looking at my body in the mirror, and am not too thrilled about my face either. One thing I know is that a genuine smile makes people more attractive. My smile is flawed too, but oh well lol.


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