Now Is The Time For Rebirth


Well, it’s early Easter morning and all are asleep in my home.  I’ve already been outside to feel the warm sunshine on my body and to take a quiet walk around the yard.  Looking at the buds pushing through the earth and watching as the insects and 2 white butterflies fly around!  I even saw a bunny hopping through the yard – perhaps the Easter Bunny has come to visit?!  Robins and cardinals soared through the sky above me and the only sounds I heard were from nature.  The sun is shining and sparse white fluffy clouds fill the blue sky.  In this peaceful moment, I take a deep breath and I am grateful for my life.

Spring and Easter are times of rebirth and I think that age 50 is also a time for re- energizing ourselves.  For me, with a divorce, selling our home and having to find a place to move to shortly, I have to make a choice.  I can allow it to either deplete me or re-energize me.  I’ve thought long and hard about it.  It’s a choice for certain and I’m choosing re-energize and rebirth.

It takes courage to start over at 50 with kids, no spouse and little family.  It takes faith to walk the higher ground and to stay silent when angry words will not change a situation for the better for us.  It takes patience to observe the entire chaotic scenario and be able to summon the strength to help each of my kids as they go through this transition.  It takes time to heal broken hearts and mend shattered dreams.

But what I know for sure is that it is all possible with time, with kindness, with love.

My marriage is over.  My life will change dramatically.  My children’s lives will change as we are forced to move from their childhood home.  There’s an important choice here to make that I am role modeling for them, for myself and maybe even for you.

Choose to open yourself to gratitude for what we have today.  Count your blessings.  See the rainbow that comes after the storm.  Look to the future of peace.  Do all things with love.  Take care of yourself so that you have the strength to help others to heal as well.  Accept support from family, friends and loved ones.  Pray.  Meditate.  Get out of your own way of limiting beliefs and envision a future filled with love, laughter, joy and peace.  It is all yours to enjoy once you leave behind the sad past.  Don’t take this moment for granted.  Enjoy that walk in the yard.  Take a lesson from Mother Nature.  Life is cyclical and there are times for hibernation and times to dance.

Now is the time for rebirth!  Let’s dance dear friends!



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4 Responses to Now Is The Time For Rebirth

  1. Abso.bloody.lutely!
    I’m in an almost identical place to you… and it can be scary and thrilling all at once… Wanna hold hands while we jump? Xx


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