What’s Your Motto?


I was watching The White Princess series and I was inspired.  In the series, at one point (spoiler alert, it’s the first episode), the mother-in-law to the Queen of England, tells her daughter-in-law Elizabeth that she has chosen the motto for her.  It will be Humble and Penitent.  Elizabeth agrees, but unbeknownst to her MIL, she quietly changes it to, Hidden and Patient.

I think we all need to find a motto for ourselves at this point in our lives.  Especially with a divorce lurking, I find it’s more difficult to center ourselves and carve out time and energy to take care of ourselves when we are trying so hard to get through what many of us find unbelievable circumstances.  But it’s necessary.

So I began thinking.  What is my motto?  I’ve had people in my life who have chosen my motto according to what they thought I should be.  But now that we are divorcing, I am choosing, like I should have done long ago.

Patient and Powerful

It gives me the utmost peace to repeat this mantra daily.  It gives me strength, courage and a limitless idea of possibility when I say it to myself.  I find myself repeating it at odd times of day when things get hard and it works wonderfully!

I just thought I’d share my motto with you in case you are going through a divorce or you are re-finding yourself at age 50!  It’s a great reset for me and perhaps it will be for you.

Are you willing to try?  Get quiet and allow your mind to wander and then settle in the stillness.  If you are a bit spiritual, now’s the time to ask for the mantra that will bring you what is needed.  Go ahead!  Please let us know what comes to you!

We are all here to support each other during these trying times.  My hand and heart are outstretched to you.  Grab hold and let’s get through these rocky times to our futures of peace, love and joy where we belong!

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