Telemarketers Should Be Wary


I just answered the phone for a telemarketer.  I didn’t know the number, but I figured I would just tell them politely to take me off their list and hope that no other calls came in from them again.  I’m like that.  If I’m in the mood, I’ll answer, just to avoid getting more calls.  I figure we all have to make a living, so why not be nice?  Even though I’m registered on the DoNotCallList which I frankly think is a joke.  Anyway, here’s what happened…


Hello, may I speak to Mrs. Leeds?

Who’s calling please?

This is Julie from X Resorts.

Is this Mrs. Leeds?

Yes.  How can I help you?

Hi Mrs. Leeds.  I’m Julie, calling from X Resorts.  We just want to thank you and your husband for staying with us last month at our special resort in X Place.  In fact, we would like to offer you $500 for your next vacation with us.  We have many different locations for our X Resorts and we would like to offer you a once in a lifetime trip to…

Excuse me.  May I interrupt you for a moment?

Uh yes…

I am Mrs. Leeds, but I wasn’t at X Resorts last month with my husband.

Silence…(there’s no script for her to read for this situation and she’s stunned).

Oh, I’m sorry.  Uh…

It’s ok, but I’m going to end our conversation now.


Thank you, have a nice day.


As we hung up, I sat stunned for a few minutes.  I felt badly for the telemarketer, but then I let it go.  Perhaps the next time she calls someone, she will be more wary and maybe she will share the story with her team so that they can think about it as well.  Then again, maybe our conversation didn’t make a bit of difference to her day.

And yes, I realize that I’m on the verge of signing divorce papers, but still, it felt strange and yet a bit empowering to state to someone who assumed I had been with my husband on a trip.  Yes, he travels often for work and I do know he was in X Place during the last month so I know that part is true.  What bothered me was that they called specifically for Mrs. Leeds to thank my husband and me for our stay with them.  Part of me just thinks it was a type of cold call, but why would they ask for me and say we stayed there if he just stayed there alone as he usually does?  I think he may have had a friend with him, a pseudo-Mrs. Leeds who obviously wasn’t me.

After I told a friend who is divorced, she agreed that there was probably another person with him.  She and I worked through my feelings and the whole situation.  I had thought I would be prepared when the time came, but I guess it’s time for another growth spurt in the land of divorce.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?




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