Focus On The Journey, Not The Destination


I know for me, I get wrapped up the cyclical question of  Where Am I Going?  with frequency these days.  I have to literally hop out of my train of thinking before I make myself weepy with the way my life has been unfolding.  Has this ever happened to you?

The ultimate destination of life is death and there are many stops on the road between birth and death.  Some stops include champagne and celebrations.  Others include great sadness as we mourn.  And sometimes, we just ride that clickity clack train of life with no destination stops in mind.

Where am I going?  What am I doing? are questions we often ask ourselves especially when we are feeling unease in our present situation.  Some of us feel that making a huge life change is the answer – moving, changing jobs, changing relationships, etc.  Some of us feel that staying put and enduring whatever we find distasteful easier than summoning the courage to ease out of our comfort zones into unknown territory.  I don’t think there’s a pat right answer for every person nor for every situation.  It’s a choice you make for yourself and even if you make no choice, you are still making a choice.  Does that make sense?

So what do you do?  What’s the answer?

Let go of the expectations that you must have a destination in mind.  Do a little free thinking and just focus on the journey that life has offered you.  Be grateful for the blessings in your life.  Write them down daily.  It only takes a few minutes.  When you begin to feel a pull towards doing something or get inspired to try something new or take a different route home from work or stop in a store or talk with someone, trust your instincts.  Sometimes we are lead to a different destination by simply being open to the journey instead of being fixated on the destination.

I’m not saying to throw away your goals.  Oh no!  Please don’t do that for we need goals, even simple ones.  Our minds are task oriented and goals are good for increasing confidence when we concentrate on accomplishing the goals.  And hey, we can always choose a different goal whenever we want.  Has anyone ever said that to you?  You always have a choice to change your goals, to step off the path or even turn around whenever you choose.  Life is about the journey.  Not the destination.  We all get a chance to experience life to its fullest when we allow ourselves to go with the flow.

Enjoy the journey dear friends for the ultimate destination

always seems to come too quickly.


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