Radiate Love


Radiate Love

It sounds like a simple request – radiate love – but sometimes we find it hard when our lives are seemingly filled with chaos, frustration and grief for the circumstances we find ourselves in at the time.

I know for me, there is much going on as I am sure there is for you, for these are trying times we live in these days.  News headlines are filled with negativity which in turn affects us all.  Unrest and fear seem to evade every newscast.  In addition, there may be frustrating circumstances beyond our control that add fear to our sensitivities.

So what can you do?

♥ Radiate Love ♥

There is an easy way to radiate love and it’s simple.  Choose love instead of fear.  Choose love instead of hatred.  Choose love instead of sadness.  Choose love instead of lack.

Choose to love yourself with all of your self-imposed flaws.  Be grateful for all of your gifts.  Be kind to yourself as you are kind to others.  Choose a little bit of quiet time each day to remind yourself that you are loved.  Hold steadfast to the knowing in your heart that you are good.  Take the high road.  Speak with kindness.  Be mindful of your words.  Do not speak of lack.  Trust in the higher power you possess inherently.  Remind yourself that peace within expands peace outwards exponentially.  Love heals so once we begin by healing ourselves, the love within expands love to the world and thus you can radiate love simply by being special, unique you!  Please give yourself permission to SPARKLE!

It’s a choice to radiate love or to radiate nothingness.  Remember that what you give out boomerangs back to you.  So radiate love and love returns to you.  Drop all the criticism which keeps you in a low vibration.  Instead, send blessings to those who bother you and soon enough, their annoyances will cease because you will have changed.

Our world needs more of your love.  Expansion of love brings healing, peace and harmony.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all do our part and radiate love?  Imagine what a lovely world we would all enjoy!


via Daily Prompt: Radiate

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