Inspired By The Precious Moments


Do you notice the precious moments in your life?  Do you take the time to acknowledge them when they happen?  Most of us are too busy in our lives to stop and feel the stillness in a moment as there is so much on our list to do everyday.  But perhaps a gentle reminder to be aware is needed.

In every single day, there are precious moments that happen.  Moments when we connect with someone else, nature, animals or even with the spiritual plane.  These are the precious moments that inspire us, bolster our spiritual journey and many times make us feel more alive.

Taking the time to feel in the moment is key.  Most times, there’s nothing earth shattering that can’t be put off for 5 more minutes while we enjoy that precious moment, but instead, we get caught up in the hustle and bustle and allow the precious moment to vanish into thin air without acknowledging it.

Life can be chaotic, but in slowing down, we can actually become more at peace.  Sparkles of precious moments are all around us if we only become aware of them.  Moments that we can glow with love and light and connect with others.

For example, yesterday I looked out my window and saw that my rose bush was blooming.  In the midst of a divorce, moving and juggling a thousand balls in the air, my mind said, yup, rose bush blooming and moved on hurriedly to pack another box.  But a little tug in my heart as I was packing away a vase made me stop in my tracks.  I planted those roses years ago in my yard, at a time when we were happy here.  I am moving so I will be leaving them here for the next family.  These are the last blooms I will know here in my home.  So I felt the precious moment, went outside and cut a few blooms and brought them in the house.  I put them in the vase that I was about to pack and placed them in the middle of my kitchen table.  As I looked at them there and felt that moment, I realized that the aroma of the roses was powerful, unlike we had ever had before from them.  A tear ran down my cheek and I smiled.  A precious moment of healing came over me and I felt at peace.

Noticing the precious moments as they whizz by brings more of them to us.  It’s like when you notice your child did something good and you praise them and they light up like the stars in the sky.  You made a difference in that precious moment.   You acknowledged their good efforts and connected with them.  Don’t we all like to be appreciated?

Well, precious moments do too!  And the more you notice those precious moments, the more you are grateful for them, the more will come to you!

Today see if you can spot a precious moment or two in your busy schedule.  Take a deep breath and be grateful.  Appreciate that unique and special moment for sometimes they are fleeting.

If you are inclined, please feel free to share!

I’d love to hear about your precious moments!

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