Behind A Woman’s Eyes


Behind every woman’s eyes are her history, her struggles, her weaknesses and her strengths.  Behind her eyes are her hopes, her dreams and her illusions.  Behind her eyes, you can glimpse her soul, perfect, whole and complete, just like your own.

To look into someone’s eyes for more than a glance-filled moment is to see her being.  You may call her vulnerability, weakness or her strength, coldness.  You may call her whatever you wish if you have not spent time to see who she really is inside.  You may not understand what drives her to say and to do what she does.  You may not care to know or you may misinterpret by your own standards.  It matters not to her.  She is who she is.  And you are who you are.

I have been called many names in my lifetime.  I have been judged wrongly and correctly.  In turn, I have done the same, judging myself by others’ standards and finding myself unworthy.  What occurs to me now is this, finally after many months of soul-searching.

I am me.

With all my faults that you see and with the gifts that you may not.

And I am finally at peace.

I have suffered as most strong women have, otherwise without trials and tribulations, we have no chances to grow and to explore who we are meant to be.  I have offered to dig deep into the pail of my knowledge and to share my experiences with others with whom I have connected in order to help them on their journey as I have been helped throughout my lifetime.  I have explored the depths of my soul in the darkness of lonely nights, only to be awakened by the dawn of a new day full of possibility.

I have been scorned, called weak by wearing my heart on my sleeve, by being kind and compassionate to others.  It matters not to me.  I find strength in caring, not weakness.  Perhaps I am a fool by others’ standards, but not by my own.  I place my head on my pillow every night in gratitude for the day’s events even when they are less than optimal, for I know, they are just another stepping stone for my life’s work.  It does not serve me to be angry, resentful and to remain blind to the light in others even when it is hidden in the dark recesses of their eyes.  The light remains even when hidden.  The flame may smolder, but it is still there.

Behind every strong woman’s eyes is understanding, compassion, empathy and love.  Peace may waiver in our lives, but it is our choice to remain steadfast in our pursuit of life’s blessings and to embrace the clouds with the storms so that we may feel the sunlight and experience the rainbow which often follows the tears.

I have been blessed to connect with a bevy of strong people in my life.  Souls who have given of their time, wisdom and understanding, in order to embrace my experiences with me and to hold my hand as we walk towards our ending.  I am ever grateful that they shared from their pails of knowledge, and their experiences, in order to enrich my own.  I pray that whenever I have shared, the same feeling was met.

I know not what the future holds for me.  Most of us never really do for changes can happen in an instant, blocking the path which we called our own.  So I stand here in this present moment of peace, grateful that tonight when I close my eyes and the darkness embraces me, I can still see the moon and the stars of hope knowing that the dawn will come as it always does, a new day, a new beginning, another chance to connect with others, to share experiences and to hold hands for as long as we are able.

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