Own Your Story


Owning your story

is the bravest thing

you’ll ever do. 

~ Brené Brown

Yesterday’s post talked about your story and the way you tell it.  I think it’s interesting to note how we tell our stories, what we include, what we don’t include and from what perspective we share it.  Because frankly, may I dare to mention that the story in our heads or in the way we portray our lives, is sometimes skewed by our own perspective?

Does that make sense to you?

So I think the healthiest way to tell our story is to own it and to own what parts we played in the transitions and in the outcomes of circumstances which were in our control and beyond our control.

Owning our story is to take a look with fresh eyes at our lives, to take responsibility for what we applaud and what we find distasteful and to move on.  Sounds easy, right?  Nope, not unless you make it easy and we tend to make things hard as humans.

So what’s the easy way?

For me, I look at the richness of the varied experiences (both painful and pleasurable) and how, when I put them all together as my story, they blend flawlessly.  Like walking on a path, each circumstance led me to the next one.  Each choice and each experience forced me to grow or to remain stagnant.  Staying stagnant became another opportunity to receive yet another harder lesson to challenge me to be stronger.  Add them all up, all the varied experiences and there’s a tapestry there that speaks to a variation of life experiences which ultimately grew me to the woman in front of you.

I used to live with regrets, berating myself for past faults or what I deemed as poor decisions.  But I have forgiven myself, along with the others who were on my path.  Nobody is necessarily bad and none of us are perfect.  We intend to make the best decisions with the information we have at the time, but in hindsight, there are times when we could have chosen differently.  I will say that I tried to take the high road and I live with integrity, but I know that there were times when I should have taken more time to think before I spoke.

Do you feel similarly when you look back on your life story?

But this is my life story and I own it.  I own my mistakes and failures.  I own my triumphs and successes.  And I own everything in between.

Be brave.  Own your story.  Sew the good with the bad into a tapestry that you can wear, like a mantle of your uniqueness.  Share your story with others when you can help another along the way.  Use what you’ve learned to grow and to blossom.  Be honest and take the kind path when you can, and you always can.  Forgive yourself as you forgive others.  We all make mistakes.  We all deserve another chance.  Give yourself the gift of letting the past be in the past and use what you’ve learned to make your present peaceful and your future full of peace, love, wonder, hope and joy!

So tell me, do you own your story?




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2 Responses to Own Your Story

  1. Vinay Garg says:

    In the past I wasn’t flying my own life’s plane but now I am driving myself to build my own life story from my own decisions. Thanks for this beautiful advice. Rocking articles.. Keep it up.. Have a lovely day!


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