What Happens When Part Of The Soul Disconnects


I had a reading at a new age metaphysical place.  What was revealed to me was that a small part of my soul had disconnected and was stuck 5 years in the past.  I know it probably sounds incredulous to you, so if this is too spiritual, I understand.  Quite frankly, even though I am a pretty spiritual person myself, it was not what I expected to hear.

But as the reading continued and Reiki accompanied the experience, more was revealed to me which made sense.  In essence, part of my soul hadn’t been able to assimilate all the chaos that was going on in my life at the time.  She was the rose-colored glasses part of me, the ever hopeful, the we can work to fix the marriage, we can move mountains to get him to understand and to remind him of the love we once shared.  She was a special part of my soul who never gave up on the relationship/marriage.

But when he left, the divorce proceedings began and my life changed forever, she couldn’t handle it.  I had little family support during that time in my life.  I am a very compassionate person by nature and I remember physically yearning for someone to hug me and yet, there was nobody who could.  Even though the kids and I hug daily, I couldn’t and wouldn’t expect them to ‘mother me’ as I needed.  With friends, even though they were supportive, I wasn’t comfortable falling to pieces and getting the hug I needed to rebuild myself and to support that little piece of my soul who desperately wanted to be held.  I think if I had found someone to hold me, just for a bit while I cried my eyes out and not worried about burdening them with my despair, that little piece of my soul would have been able to heal and the rest of me could have as well.  But I had to be stoic and keep going even when I was hurting to my core because there was much to do.  You know what that’s like, right?  Being a mom, we just suck it up and keep going.  We can’t fall down into a puddle of mush when there’s a divorce, a move and a closing of a house all within days and nobody else to rely on.  We just do it.

I am happy with my current life situation although it has taken me years to see the gift in the pain I felt.  What was suggested to me during the reading was to mother that disconnected part of my soul, to nurture her, to speak with her and to allow her to realize that it’s all ok now.  What amazes me was after consciously being with the information I received in the reading, I realize that she was the part of me that was missing – that rose-colored glasses, ever hopeful romantic who believes in love, in new beginnings and in accepting what is in life.  I think that after a bit, I will be able to heal her as well and she will meld back into me again and I will feel fully healed and ready to reach out again in a romantic way.

Have you ever had a reading?  What was your experience?  Are you spiritual?  Do you think I’m full of hooey?  Or do you maybe understand my post?  Please share!





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5 Responses to What Happens When Part Of The Soul Disconnects

  1. BeowulfSabrina says:

    I haven’t had that kind of reading, but I’m happy you have someone who can see with such clarity. It rings very true for me too, the rosecolored glasses, nurturer. Now I’m learning to care for and about ME. It’s about time. My own mom used to tell me to do nice things for myself and I never listened to her. Now I do. Much love to you.


  2. MoJo says:

    You know I believe in things you cannot see and concepts we can’t understand. Ultimately I also believe that it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not to anyone else. Does it feel true to you? You have been through so much, and it makes complete that a part you was lost or maybe just hidden along the way. It’s times for you to give that girl a lot of love. She truly deserves it. 😘


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