The Eclipse Experienced


I sat outside during the eclipse.  Better said, I sat outside before, during and afterwards.  The photo above was of the sunlight on my patio glass table which I thought was so interesting.  After all, it didn’t look like the sun at all.  It was a photo mistake turned into a post caption because it looks to me like a lampshade and yet it was the reflection of the sun just before the eclipse began!

How did you feel during the eclipse?  Did you see those crescent-shaped shadows on the ground?  I keep hearing about them, but I haven’t seen any photos of them.  Would someone please share them here so I can see what they are talking about?

I felt the eclipse more than I witnessed it.  I felt a stirring inside of me before and during the eclipse’s scheduled times in my area.  Afterwards, I just felt tired, as if I had run a marathon (which I never would attempt so I can only guess how that feels)!

I let go because I had read so many articles about the celestial reset which occurs during this solar eclipse.  I hunkered down and wrote what my intentions are for the coming year.  What I want to experience (LOVE) and what I want to see (PEACE) and what I wish for me (FINDING MY DIVINE PURPOSE) that hopefully brings me an increase in my finances which I need!  I let go of the toxic relationships that have been bound to me.  I tried to clean out the wounds I held so closely and I prayed a little as well.

So there, I’ve put it all out for the Universe to see, to hear and to know!

How did you experience the eclipse?  Did you watch it with those special glasses?  Do you have photos?   I would love to see them if you do!

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3 Responses to The Eclipse Experienced

  1. I went to a nearby park with my daughter. We actually made a cereal box pinhole thing…..which worked. Actually, the fact that it worked was almost as cool as the eclipse. We ran into a friend who lent us her glasses. I thought it was amazing. Also amazing to see that many people out, looking at the sky in wonder


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