What A New Pair Of Jeans Can Do For You


I met with a financial planner yesterday to plan for my future.  It was a little daunting as the finances are not where I’d like them to be (hence part-time job needed), but I also regained a bit of my confidence in taking an active role in my finances and in my life plan.

With confidence intact, I walked the shops afterwards, feeling as if the frumpy me, who was bedraggled after the divorce, needed a little pick me up.  Window shopping is always enjoyable for me.  So when I entered a clothing store just to look around, I wasn’t expecting to find a bonanza – on sale!  A great shopping experience was in store for me as a retail assistant named Jackie took me under her wing and dressed me.  I left feeling confident again, something I hadn’t felt in years.

Did I lose weight?  Nope.  Did I spend a ton of money?  Nope!  I just found a great pair of jeans that fit perfectly which as we all know is like a gift from the Universe!  Because I don’t know about you, but a good pair of jeans that makes you feel great, fits perfectly and is flattering, is hard to find!

I wanted to remember this moment, so I’m blogging today.  I feel like my heart, mind and soul have cracked open to let in the light, the hope and the future.  I think I’ll put on my magic jeans today again.  Fall is in the air these days which I am enjoying!

Cheers to a bright future for all of us!

How did you begin the reinvention of your new life?


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2 Responses to What A New Pair Of Jeans Can Do For You

  1. Manuela says:

    Now I want a pair of
    amazing jeans. I’m so jealous


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