Divorced And 50 Years Old – Dating Tips Needed


It’s taken me a long time to get to where I wanted to think about dating after my divorce.  I knew myself better than to jump into it when I wasn’t fully healed.  I just didn’t have it in me to trust someone after my marriage fell apart.

But there’s this little nudging that’s going on, an increasing awareness that I’d like to inch out there into the dating world.  However, I’m hesitant.  In my head, whenever I even thought about it before now, I just felt like an old friend from long ago would pop up into my life again and we’d reconnect.  While that’s still possible, I’m not holding out for that fairy tale.  Again, I’m still ever hopeful, even though I can’t think of anyone in particular that I’d like to reconnect with at this point.  I’m just letting Cupid do his thing!

In the meantime though, I’d like to start dating but the stories I’ve heard divorced and single friends tell me are amazing.  It seems like dating has changed drastically since I was free to date and I haven’t dated since 1989 so I’m a bit rusty.  I know I can flirt because that’s a muscle that I always kept using with my own hubby until the final years.  I’m ok looking, but I’m 50 and I have wrinkles like some of us do at this age.  I haven’t stepped it up with botox yet, but that’s a possibility eventually when my finances get better.

I’m just looking for someone to get to know, to go out to dinner and a movie with or maybe even walk on the beach.  And see what goes on from there…

I’ve been regaled with stories about how men lie on those dating apps.  Photos which are 10 + years old, men who show up waaaay shorter than their stats or men who simply want to buy you a drink and then go to bed.  Few of my friends have had anything steady or true from the dating sites so I’m wary of them.  And of course, I know that the crazy stories are the ones you hear more of than the successful ones!  What makes a better story to tell women who’d like a relationship but haven’t found one?  The I found love on Match or the Tinder nightmare which is now humorous?

Have you had any success with them?  What apps did you use?  Are you still dating that person?  What is it like out there in the dating world after divorce and being 50 years old?  I would love to hear what you have to say so please share!

Thank you!



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8 Responses to Divorced And 50 Years Old – Dating Tips Needed

  1. BeowulfSabrina says:

    You are def light years ahead of me on this journey…but I am happy that you want to dip your toe in the “pond”, so to speak. I have no advice, but I will be taking notes from your experiences! I’ve looked on some sites just to see what is “out there” and they really all look like similar versions of my almost-not-hub. Middle-aged, sad/bewildered eyes, various stages of receding hairlines and protruding belly…probably all have at least one marriage and seem to spend a lot of time on fishing boats. I know what I don’t want: a cheater, a narcissist, a monster who can so easily discard a loving family, but don’t think that’s the sort of info to put in a profile, do you?

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  2. Manuela says:

    I read an article once that stated you should never put on a profile what you don’t want as it apparently attracts just those types! The article said to be positive and focus instead on what you do want.
    As for the dating sites, I use POF and ok Cupid but I’m not on there very much. I do meet a lot of men who just want casual relationships and hookups. Guys nowadays aren’t really looking for anything serious anymore it seems. It’s either that or they really want a wife. It seems there’s no in between. And the ones who say they want a relationship, well they’ll invest a couple of dates and if they don’t get down your pants, they move on to another woman who will. Apparently there a lot available out there. I’ve been told POF is just a place guys go for hookups now.

    Needless to say, I don’t date much lol. So I have no advice for you. Except maybe the guys with the receding hairlines and bellies and are a better bet for something serious.


  3. Mischenko says:

    At one point in my life, I was on match. It was fairly new, and I disliked it. I never found anyone serious. Luckily, I met my husband that year.

    It scares me, honestly. Who can you trust anymore? My mom was recently on a dating website and this guy she was talking with for a long time tried scamming money from her. It was all a scam. Sorry, I’m not trying to scare you, I’m just weird about online dating. I just learned about Tinder from another blogger and was a little shocked. It sounds like online dating has changed so much.

    I probably don’t have any really good advice, but I’d say skip the botox and be yourself. I hope it all works out for you and have you in my thoughts… Hugs 🙂 ♡


    • janieleeds says:

      Thank you Mischenko. I don’t think I am up to the online dating thing with all that catfish mess to worry about! I like the good old fashioned way of meeting through a friend or face to face better. Thanks for sharing your experiences (and your Mom’s). I am so glad you met your hubby that same year as match! ♥

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