Lose The Critical Thinking


I saw The Daily Post today and felt the need to write.  Because at this age (mid-life, not necessarily 50 years of age), we may begin to find an uncomfortableness in life.  Some call it a mid-life crisis which can occur when we continue to wake up in the morning with that nagging thought of Is this all there is to my life?

It’s normal to find yourself in this predicament at mid-life.  Plenty of my friends have been talking about it lately and I agree.  We are tired of living for others’ expectation of us.  Whoever said that by doing X, Y or Z, we are the good women?  Who made those grandiose declarations and how the hell did I get caught up in that rat race that I never believed in?

Because I can tell you that I know this for sure (and I’m not bragging):

I’m a good mom.  I’m not perfect, but I do my best.

I was a good wife.  Again, I wasn’t perfect and my marriage failed.  You can judge me on that or not.  It takes 2 people to make a marriage so I’m not taking all the failure.  I will take part of it for sure, but that’s all.

I’m a good addition to my family.  I care.  I come from a loving place and I will go out of my way always to help anyone.

I am a good friend.  Again, not tooting my own horn, but just like family, they are important to me and I do my best for them.

Part of what I’ve found is that what is really bothering me is the critical voice within that is getting louder, but that I don’t need to deal with anymore.  I’m releasing the need to live up to others’ expectations of me.  I’m tired of running a rat race from others’ confining beliefs.  I want to finally live for me!

So what’s stopping me?

That critical voice along with that critical thinking that I used when I needed a reason to not live my life as I dreamed of living.  I rationalized the reasons why I couldn’t do x, y or z.  (fill in the blank)  I blamed it on finances, family or the idea that it was an unreasonable way to live or to be, or that it was a pipe dream to want x, y or z because it’s too hard (or whatever excuse I had).

So my question is If not now, when?

Want to join me?

When are you going to lose the critical thinking and that voice in your head which tells you no?  When are you going to stop allowing what you think others will judge as more important than what you desire?  When are you going to be who you were meant to be without fearing the worst?

Because the time is now.  Today, as in now, as in fresh start with the beginnings of a new month!  It doesn’t have to be a huge change.  We can take it step by step.  Carve out a few minutes to think about what small changes we can make to enrich our lives.  I bet if we sat down and gave ourselves permission, we could have more happiness in our lives!

It really is that simple when we choose to lose the critical thinking.

Come on, join me!

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4 Responses to Lose The Critical Thinking

  1. You know I’m working towards ridding my mind of critical thinking! We got this!


  2. We only have one life to live, enjoy it, trust me it gets better the older you get 😉


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