Like a startled bee, you stung me.

Left me bleeding from the wound you inflicted.

Not caring if I bled out into nothingness.

I couldn’t comprehend your callousness

after all of these years we spent together in marriage.

How could you walk away without looking back?

But you did.  You do.  You’ve moved on.

I’m not getting any younger. 

I waited until the ink was dry.

And now it’s dry.

We are officially divorced.

My life is turning the page on a new chapter that I never wanted.

I’ve licked my wounds,

Pouted in pity

and I am finally healed.

No longer does your voice entice me.

No longer do I recognize you.

No longer do I want to be with you.

But your ability to lie stings me still.

I do not trust you.

I will not let my heart believe your lies.

I stand strong in my new self awareness.

I am free from you.

But sometimes I want to sting you back.

And show the world your lies

And let them bear witness to your phoniness,

Your dark side and your untruths.

I wait in hopes that your stinger

Will sting you back.

I rest easily knowing

Karma will take care of you.

Original Poem By Janie Leeds

Thanks to the Daily Post for the inspiration to write a poem today!


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4 Responses to Sting

  1. BeowulfSabrina says:

    LOL I didn’t even know that was the prompt for today! Well done, couldn’t have said it better myself.


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