Weeping Madly


I’ve wept until I was dehydrated,

until no tears could form.

I’ve wept until I fell asleep,

on the bathroom floor.

I’ve wept until I threw up

my tummy tied in knots.

I’ve wept until I wiped you out

of my mind, my life and my thoughts.

I’ve wept angry tears

with my nose running wild.

I’ve wept and hyperventilated

breathing into a bag to calm me down.

I’ve wept alone,

I’ve wept with a friend,

I’ve wept and now,

By healing, I begin my life again.

I refuse to weep over you dear Ex,

I refuse to weep it’s true.

For you are not the man for me,

Gone is the man I loved and once knew.

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2 Responses to Weeping Madly

  1. I was amazed just how many tears fell too 😭 very cleansing

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