These days I’m focused more on my kids than anything else.  Being a single, divorced parent does that to us I think, especially when your former other half has checked out.  Not laser focused mind you, just keeping the kids in my sights and listening to them.  I allow them to make their own decisions as I’ve never been one of those helicopter mommas anyway.  But I am here as support for them.  I’m here to advise them as best I can.  I’m here to listen with an open heart as they share their thoughts.  And I’m always here for a hug and a kiss and if wanted/needed a little nestling in the safe cocoon of Mom’s arms.

Isn’t that what parenting is all about?

Letting go and yet, remaining focused?

I have loved every year that my kids have been here and each year, it continues to get better!  I love that they are older now and brinking on adulthood.  Our relationship changed a lot when their dad left.  We’ve had long discussions about people and how to heal after change.  We’ve become closer for which I’m grateful.  Yet they still have a relationship with their dad for which I’m grateful.  It’s just not where they want it to be nor is it how I see it could be either.  But that’s not my business anymore unless it affects them more than it already does.

Soon I will need to focus more on myself and I’m doing that slowly.  It’s a strange place to be in.  I’m teetering on the precipice of starting over, although the starting over phase is already here and has been for awhile.  I’m just a slow starter.  I’m focusing on reading, healing, writing and deciding what I want to do with my life.  The sheer freedom of not having someone always questioning everything has been a blessing in the divorce.  Being able to focus on my own self has been a new category of thinking for me.  Truthfully, I’m enjoying it!

Focus on the good.  That’s my motto, although I sometimes slip in my blog.  But it’s embracing the changes and being authentically me as life goes on that is my theme and my journey.  I hope you have a great day!

via Daily Prompt: Focused

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4 Responses to Focused

  1. You summed up parenting perfectly….laser focused yet letting them go……and always focus on yourself….you aren’t any good to anyone if you don’t take care of yourself!


  2. MoJo says:

    You deserve to focus on yourself darling! You have deserved that for a very very long time. I’m just thankful that you can see that now, too. 🙂


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