What I Believe


I believe:

in love, even though I’m divorced.

I believe in fairy tales and wearing rose-colored glasses sometimes.

I believe that a heartfelt embrace means more than a thousand thoughtless words.

I believe:

in grieving, sobbing and crying when I feel pain.

I believe in holding on and letting go.

I believe in being open-hearted and talking it through.

I believe in processing grief and not stuffing it down, never to be released.

I believe:

in happy coincidences, synchronicity and a hopeful outcome.

I believe in the good in people (for the most part)

and in listening with an open heart when someone shares their feelings.

I believe:

spiritual growth comes from difficult experiences.

Hindsight is 20/20 (most of the time).

I believe that relationships are on a time line, here for a season or a lifetime,

depending on their purpose.

I believe:

we are more than who we think we are.

Self-sabotage is real.

All you need is someone to believe in you and you can move mountains.

I believe that we limit ourselves more than necessary out of fear.

I believe:

music can heal.

Love is real.

Lust is healthy.

We all die when we are supposed to, even if that doesn’t make any sense.

I believe:

in the supernatural, unexplained events and ghosts.

I believe in prayer, kindness and good deeds.

I believe in heaven and hell.

I believe in spirituality and incorporating different beliefs into my religious life.

I believe:

in my kids and in the healing pets hold for them.

I believe in the kindness of strangers.

I believe in you.

And I believe in me.


Daily Post – Believe

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9 Responses to What I Believe

  1. roseelaineblog says:

    I believe your right. ❀️


  2. Love it Now says:

    beautiful proclamation (I’m very close to it) and lovely written πŸŒΌπŸ’•


  3. Create Space says:

    So beautiful and from the heart! Like a positive daily mantra! Thank you for sharing this.


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