Dropping The Weight


I saw a friend who I haven’t seen in 3 years.  When we last saw each other, my marriage was beginning to unravel.  Since she was divorced, it was easy to talk with her and to hear advice from someone who could see what I obviously couldn’t.

When I saw her recently, she remarked that I had lost weight.  I joked that divorce agrees with me, but that I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight (don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with the thinner me)!  She laughed because I had taken her comment seriously, but she was just being funny and finally said, No, you dropped about 185 lbs – get it?  A husband?

It got me to thinking though that since the divorce, I am dropping the weight of toxic people, thoughts and things.  Letting go of what doesn’t serve me.  Being let go from his family and all that messy stuff.  Living a pared down life due to finances.  Eating better because it’s just the kids and me and our schedules are the same.  Feeling freer because I can simply be me and not have to be his wife.

Yes, indeed.  I’m dropping the weight and liking it!


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17 Responses to Dropping The Weight

  1. TJ Fox says:

    Emotional weight can be heavier to carry at times than physical weight. I know that after I stepped away from all the toxicity that was my family last year, I felt lighter and freer than I ever have.

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  2. SDC says:

    So much Yes. It never feels as good as when you know you’ve let go of toxic emotionally draining weight.

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  3. roseelaineblog says:

    Some people call it the divorce diet 😊

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  4. bone&silver says:

    Enjoy the freedom to soar on new wings; that’s a good feeling : )

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  5. MoJo says:

    I like that friend. That’s an awesome way to look at it. Great post chica.


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