Full Moon Tonight!


Last night’s moon

Well, the full moon arrives tonight!  I’m hoping for a clear sky again as last night’s moon was lovely and it wasn’t even quite full yet.  I wish my iPhone camera took better shots, but this is what I got.

There’s something miraculous about a full moon.  Read any of the astrology blogs and articles and you learn so much.  Chilly air, vibrant jewel-colored leaves and a full moon which makes it look like daylight even at night?  I’m all in!

A little hot chocolate with a splash of something to warm the bones and I’m happy.  A roaring fire and a nice companion would be lovely too, but neither of those seem possible since the cxhimney’s full of creosote and Prince charming hasn’t knocked on my front door yet today.

But hey, I’m a hopeful romantic and I’ve got faith!

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7 Responses to Full Moon Tonight!

  1. A full moon can have a big sway over things!

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  2. TJ Fox says:

    Then… a video of a fire on the TV with a cozy blanket and a book with a temporary prince charming. No reason you can’t make do until the real ones come along.

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  3. Nothing better than a hopeful romantic

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