A Quiet Saturday


Kids were supposed to be with the Ex this weekend, but instead they’re with me.  It’s fine as I didn’t have plans anyway, but still.  It would be nice to be on a schedule that I can count on.  But in the meantime, I’m enjoying them being home.  It’s a bit chilly out so it feels like fall, but not winter which is great.  Sun shining, cool air and I’m good.

I’m looking around the house to see where I’m going to put the Christmas tree.  No, I’m not rushing Christmas, but I’m in a new place and need to change it all up a bit.  I don’t think I’m hosting Thanksgiving so really, it’s all about what I want to do – well, what the kids and I want to do!  What a refreshing change for me!

So, I ended up doing a little decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving combined.  Orange leaves are on the mantle and the turkey decorations are up.  There are just a few of them anyway.  I wanted to be lazy and just not do it since I’m not having company, but then that’s not me, so I dug in the boxes and pulled out a few things to brighten up the place.  You know, I moved awhile back and I’m in a rental, so I’m not about to go full on decorating because I can’t find a lot of my stuff because it’s packed up.  I’m crazy about Christmas though so I think that will be my digging in boxes to pull out what makes me happy.  Because we had a lot of decorations that the ex’s family gave us that I displayed, but didn’t love.  I was only being nice.  But now that I don’t have any plans to have any of the herd here, I can donate that stuff.  Really, I gave EX most of it and he ditched it in the dumpster (if his mom only knew! haha) but I do have a few things that I saved because they had a decent memory to them.   Onto a new chapter!

I think I’ll take a walk this afternoon.  It’s just such a perfect fall day.  I hope you have a great weekend and that your weather cooperates too!

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8 Responses to A Quiet Saturday

  1. TJ Fox says:

    Putting and keeping things up around the house that make you happy, even if it is just seasonal, is awesome. It is one of the reasons I decided to do my picture walls. What is the point in having things that make you happy if you never actually look at them? Glad you are doing these things!


  2. BeowulfSabrina says:

    So much we did just to “be nice”, don’t you agree? My therapist banned that word from my vocabulary! I can be selectively “kind” to people who deserve my kindness but since almostexhub was recently writing me email after email and every other word was “nice” or “not nice” as it related to something he accused me of, it’s taken on a whole new context.He seems to have disappeared again, gone to hide under what ever rock he runs away to when his fragile ego sustains an injury, real or only in his delusional mind. So the clock turns and I work on gathering documents for the divorce trial. So ugly, but I will persevere to protect myself and to no longer fear his threats and intimidations. He’s “sorry”, huh? Sorry about so many things, he said, yet he’s still causing tremendous harm, so I guess he’s really NOT sorry. And not nice, either. Back to cleaning the house and getting our holiday decorations out too! Happy Saturday, my friend. xx


  3. The weather today was wonderful here. I think a walk is a good idea. Isn’t it funny, the gifts we get over the years, but then when things change, deciding how to sort thru them all. Our connections sometimes just disappear even though we once latched onto an object as precious… your words hit me today, great post. Hugs.


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