Momma Bear


My kids call me Mom, Mother, Momma or Mama sometimes, especially my older one.  Mom is the everyday way.  Mother is when they are aggravated by me.  Momma is used when they need that extra loving TLC.  That’s the word that I hear when they just need that unconditional love that only a Momma Bear can give.  Mama is used mostly when they have something to tell me that I may not like.  Mama is that playful wheedling – like Mama, can my friends come over for pizza and stay the night even though I know you have just the house torn apart cleaning?

It’s funny how the kids give us nicknames sometimes.  Well, it’s happened more since the Ex left, but it’s also been healing for us.  Whether they realize it instinctively or not, I know what’s the reason for the call by the way they address me.  Wouldn’t you after reading my above loose definitions of all the names?

There’s that indiscreet needy message word that I don’t even think they realize that they use.  But it’s understood.  When you call me Momma I know something’s not right in your world and I am listening immediately with an open heart.  Isn’t it amazing when you can read your kids by the name they call you?

What do your kids call you?  Do you have a nickname too?


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