No More Taunting Memories


I’ll be honest, there’s a downside to decorating for Christmas.  It’s separating your present from your past.  Even though there’s a freedom in decorating my way, I found a few little treasures that I’d forgotten that I had packed away in a random box.  The upside was that it only caused a moment’s vague sigh as I remembered some memories from my marriage that were happy and some that were sad.  But the good part was that it didn’t devastate me as it had in the past.  So cheers to time and effort in healing me!

In marrying the past with the present, I found peace within me.  Twinkling lights still capture the sparkling wonder of Christmas for me so I’ve decked the mantle with pine boughs from the trees outside (yay free!) and some golden pine cones that an old friend gave me years ago.  A few red berry branches and ta da!  Something new for me that dazzles and delights and in the past would have been looked down upon for being so homemade looking and not the elegance expected.  But I’m loving it!  Fresh and new and so authentically me!

I know firsthand how hard the holidays are when life turns upside down.  This is my first officially divorced Christmas which I had thought would be a sad occasion for me.  However, with your helpful hints and encouragement (thank you to all who read and comment on my blog), I have found the support I needed to continue in a healthy, happy way!  The delight in which I found within me to decorate, to enjoy putting my own finishing touches on the hearth and to pick and choose what felt right in each special new place has brought me such joy and healing!  I could have never done it without your help so thank you to all!

I hope however you decorate this holiday season, that it comes from your heart.  For me, it was like being a kid in a candy store opening up all the boxes of decorations early as I had forgotten some of the lovely items I had accumulated over the years.  I went with simple this year, adding my own touches that made me smile.  Incorporating the new chapter in our lives is what healing is all about anyway, right?




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7 Responses to No More Taunting Memories

  1. Create Space says:

    Great to hear your positivity shine through your words!


  2. We’re going to start decorating this weekend and I’m looking forward to it!! I love this time of year when I actually relax!!


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