After divorcing and having to sell the family home, my kids and I had to relocate which was hard.  We found a house to rent and moved in.  I dubbed it the transition house.  It really is the transition house because it’s the place we’re living after the divorce, but it’s not permanent.

Recently, I went past our old house and it’s funny.  I didn’t feel a pull towards it at all which is really unlike me because I thought I would pine over it.  We had tons of memories in it as the kids had lived there their whole lives.  But as I sat in my car across the street from it, I felt nothing.  It wasn’t numbness.  It was simply peace.  And, boy oh boy, did that feel good!

Because it means I am healing for which I’m grateful.  Recently while decorating the transition house, I’m feeling more and more at peace here.  It’s not great and certainly not my first choice, but the house has delivered what was needed.  A house to live in that’s safe.  What more do I need than that to protect my kids and me?

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8 Responses to Relocate

  1. I feel like I should drop a comforting comment, but I don’t think you need that. You sound, or seem like a strong woman, and I’m glad your wounds are healing. ☺ I really enjoyed reading your post, and I don’t know if you’re a Christian or not, but I pray God strengthens you for your kids! Have a day as sweet as your post! ☺ (which is more than sweet BTW)


  2. A house is only a home when you live in it. You are making your for now house a beautiful home for as long as you need it to be 🙂🙃🙂


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