Being Ok With Being 50


I love to know what makes people tick.  I love to hear what they’re thinking and listen with an open mind to what they are saying, I mean really saying when they talk.  It always amazes me that people open up to me, strangers even, with such vulnerability.  I guess I should have been a counselor in my life, but that ship has sailed.  I’m not going back to school any time soon.  But in the meantime, I enjoy helping people to find peace.  I’m not certified in anything except life school and I’ve had a bunch of exams that thankfully I’ve passed – life changing moments and tragedies.

But I’m still here!

I could talk about most situations with strangers.  I’m an open book these days at age 50.  In fact, I like being my age and wouldn’t want to be younger, even though that’s not the common thread among my age group.  Many lament that they wish they were younger, but not me.  I’m proud that I have lived through what I have and I’m still here.  I find enjoyment in helping others and if I weren’t the age I am, with the experiences I’ve had, I wouldn’t be able to help them.  You can’t understand unless you have been through something similar.  That’s just a fact.

So I embrace my age of 50!  I’m happy to have made it to this place of peace.  Sure, my life’s not perfect, but it’s mine and I’m embracing every piece and peace of it!

How about you?  How do you feel about your age?


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19 Responses to Being Ok With Being 50

  1. L. Rorschach says:

    I agree. I love getting older! My 40s have been great. 🙂

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  2. I’m happy I’ve made it this far!!


  3. TJ Fox says:

    I think the only reason I would want to be younger is because I didn’t use to be so crazy tired and sore after doing some big project like the nutcrackers. I wouldn’t want to have to go through those phases again and I love my life the way it is now. I’d just like to love it without so much ibuprofen. 😉


  4. roseelaineblog says:

    Great post Janie, I will be 61 in January and I feel great, age is but a number 😉

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  5. gwennym says:

    I reeeeeally like being in my mid-50’s. My 30’s were a blur of bearing and raising children, my 40’s absolutely SUCKED, except for graduating from college, but my 50’s are for ME.

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  6. Jad says:

    Turning 50 was a pivotal moment in my life, I can honestly say I have never been happier. I finally have the opportunity to be ME!!

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