Chicken Soup


My kid is sick and I’m feeling yucky too.  I think we’re getting colds.  So, I made a pot of homemade chicken soup.  I always tell the kids that I put in extra love so that they will feel better.  I’m hoping that works tonight because I curled up on the couch under a big comfy blanket and just ate a bowl.  If I knew what went into a hot toddy, I might have had one of those too.  Isn’t a hot toddy supposed to help with a cold?

I hate being sick, but it’s the weekend, so we can stay home, eat chicken soup, drink hot chocolate and I can watch Hallmark Christmas specials.  I’m so glad that I remembered to buy the marshmallows for the cocoa and some cold meds just in case!   I hope you’re feeling healthy and happy.

Have you got any good cold remedies?  Just thought I’d ask…




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30 Responses to Chicken Soup

  1. SDC says:

    You know…it’s awful being sick but you also just described an amazing relaxing and cozy winter weekend! I fired up my fireplace for the first time this yead about 10 minutes ago. 15° tonight!

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  2. Proud_Cynic says:

    Ginger is often used when one is feeling nauseous, but in combination with orange skin, it can help to soothe a cough.

    “Garlic: Its sulphur-containing compound, allicin, is effective against bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic infections. Grate a clove on your sandwich or swallow slices, also steep for tea. Many persons fear the odour.”


  3. bone&silver says:

    Def chicken soup with lots of garlic & ginger. REST. Hot water with lemon, honey & more ginger. More REST. Good luck!

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  4. I hope you feel better soon!
    I like to boil ginger root and cinnamon then add honey and lemon afterward.
    It always helps me feel better.

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  5. TJ Fox says:

    Sounds like you are doing exactly the right thing. I love hot lemonade when my throat is feeling bad, but other than that, pretty much exactly what you’ve already done. Comfort and cozy. Hugs to you! Hope you and kids feel better soon.


    • janieleeds says:

      Thank you TJ! I’m better, but kid is still sick so off to the dr. today. xo Hope all is well with you!

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      • TJ Fox says:

        Hate it when the kids are sick. We are still battling our sickies here, too. MC is doing better, but the 6 hour antibiotics are just a pain! Having to wake him at 12:30 to give him a pill and then he has to sit up for 10 minutes before he can lay back down on top of trying to remember to go to the nurse to get his pill mid-day has been a bit of a chore. Sleep has not been my friend with the late night pill drop and my own cough still not letting up. *sigh* Hopefully soon! Glad you are better!


      • janieleeds says:

        Hope all heal in your home quickly. I am so sorry you are having this too. I am sending big healing hugs your way and lots of sleep! xo

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  6. No good remedies. Just lots of liquids, juice, tea, broth. And rest if possible.


  7. Create Space says:

    You can’t beat an Irish coffee when you feel under the weather! You can google any amount of recipes. I usually make almost 3/4 a cup of coffee, add a spoon of good quality organic honey and top with Irish whiskey leaving just enough space for a layer of freshly whipped cream. Then sit back, somewhere warm and comfortable and enjoy. You will soon feel a cozy glow from within! I hope you feel better soon. X


  8. Jad says:

    feel better soon!!


  9. AC says:

    Vick’s on the feet , epsilon salt in hot bath , a good book. Hope you and the kiddos start to feel better. Sending love from Colorado ♥️


  10. Jane Gealy says:

    I love making soup, but have never made chicken soup. Next time I roast a chicken I’ll make some, I’m sure my partner will prefer it to the usual veggie options I make!


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