Man Of My Dream

I awoke with a strange dream in my head and because I don’t want to forget it, I’m writing about it.  What do you think it means?  Well, here is goes…


I was working in a restaurant and I think I was the hostess.  I had on high heels and a black dress that was comfy, but pretty.  It was the end of the night and the staff was seated around a big oval table in a corner of the dining room.  It was my first night and I was exhausted, but I was happy to have been included in their end of the night relaxation and subsequent cocktail.  I remember quietly slipping my feet in and out of my heels, flexing them because they hurt a little, hoping nobody would notice my bare feet under the table.

I was drinking something alcoholic in a rocks glass (you know what they are right?) and it was in front of me.  To my right was a nice tall man who I had worked with most of the night.  All of the workers were like a family and I felt grateful that they had asked me to sit and chat with them.

The conversation was lively and happy.  Everyone had had a good night.  It was a small, upscale restaurant with a rustic look.  Suddenly a man appeared to my left and sat down in an empty chair across the table from me.  I hadn’t remembered seeing him during the night so I wasn’t sure who he was.  Everyone continued talking and laughing.  Some nodded to him as if to acknowledge his arrival, but nobody said anything to him directly.  They just kept talking.  He looked tired too, but contented, sitting back, relaxed in the chair.  I remember looking at him and he smiled at me, so I smiled back, and then I looked away to seem to be interested in the banter around the table.

He kept looking at me, long after the initial smile.  I remember feeling him looking at me and it was not uncomfortable.   Frankly, it felt electric in a peaceful, soothing way.  It was as if the cords of our souls were intertwining.  He was sipping his drink in a similar rocks glass, listening to the staff talk around him.  I noticed he was playing with his glass a little bit, unconsciously spinning it slowly.

The nice man to my right looked over to the new arrival and casually introduced us.  I don’t remember his name.  What I remember is that when I met his gaze again, it was as if we were connected and he knew it.  He smiled a lazy, intriguing smile at me as if he knew what I was thinking.  I was embarrassed but I smiled back, saying the perfunctory greeting of nice to meet you, then reverted my eyes again to the center of the table to pretend to join in the conversation around me. 

I don’t remember his voice, nor his name.  All I remember is the feeling of profound connection to him.  He had dark hair and a beard (I’m not into facial hair on a man) but there was something utterly, indescribably special about him.  I felt like I had known him always and that we had been together.  It was such a strong feeling that I was immediately embarrassed.  I mean, who thinks these things initially upon meeting a complete stranger?

Nervously, I was twirling the rim of my glass with my index finger (which is so unlike me in reality) when suddenly, my glass began to spin counterclockwise – all by itself on the table in front of me.  Slowly at first, then faster and faster.  I let go of the glass as it was moving on its own.  The entire table of people hushed immediately, all eyes staring at my glass.  They had surprised looks on their faces, but not shocked, while I was shocked!

After spinning for a few more seconds on its own, my glass flew off of the table, skimming over my right shoulder, across the restaurant and landed on the floor, breaking into pieces.  The staff broke the silence with excited laughter as I scurried across the restaurant to go clean it up.  The nice man next to me came over with a small hand broom and dustpan.  I was breathless, not knowing what had just happened.  He knelt next to me on the floor and began helping me to pick up the remaining broken shards of my glass.

It’s the ghost, he said softly without flinching.  You’re the one.  She’s declaring it. 

What?  I asked perplexed. I looked up into his face to see if he was kidding with me.

She’s feeling it.  We all did.  My heart skipped a few beats as moments passed silently while I tried to make sense of what he had just said to me so nonchalantly.  I shook my head slightly to clear the cobwebs.  Had I heard him right?

Feeling what?  I asked as I stared straight into his eyes.

The connection between you both.  It was instant and electric.  

How could he know?  My mind was racing.  Settle down, I told myself.  Deep breath.  Get ahold of yourself.

What are you talking about?  I asked him pointedly.  Ok, I had felt something, but the whole staff felt it too?  And a ghost is confirming it?  I kept looking at him quizzically, waiting for the laughter or the punchline to confirm that he was kidding around with me.  But he was serious.

Come on, Janie.  You felt it.  We all did.  He sat down and that was it.  The atmosphere, it changed immediately.  I  haven’t felt it that strongly since I started working here.  But as soon as it happened, I knew it.  It’s really cool that it happened when I was here.

I don’t understand.  My mind was racing.  What was he talking about???

You felt the connection with him, right?

Uh, yes… I felt something, I stuttered, not knowing what to say or how much to say to this man.

Well, she declared it.  She gave us all proof.  And with that, he scooped up the dustpan with the glass shards all cleaned up and stood up, so I did too.

Proof of what?  I turned to look at him again, noting that he was so much taller than me, especially now that my heels were off.

That you are meant to be together.

I felt wobbly standing next to him, wondering what everyone else was thinking and how I could explain that I was standing barefoot in the restaurant.  When I jumped up to chase my flying broken glass, I had forgotten that my shoes were off of my feet.  I hadn’t had time to think.  I had simply raced after it.  Now my toes were digging into the plush carpet and I was hoping that nobody would notice – and that we had gotten up all the glass shards.

I turned to face the staff table with the nice man next to me.  Everyone was staring at us and smiling big, toothy grins.  One by one, they began to stand and applaud.  The last one to stand was the man with whom I had connected.  As I locked eyes with him, he was smiling too.


The morning alarm began it’s rhythmic beeping and I woke up, drenched in sweat, not knowing where I was, as the dream was that real.  I sat up in bed, remembering the dream from which I had been jolted awake.

Interesting, huh?  I have a secret smile on my face today that only you know about dear friends.  Only once in my life did I feel a similar connection to a man, but that was over 30 years ago and it didn’t work out.  I wonder what the dream means???

Any intuitives out there?  Does anyone want to tell me what they think of my dream?



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23 Responses to Man Of My Dream

  1. A R says:

    WOW!! That was an extremely vivid dream!
    I think the glass represents your last marriage. It was a vicious cycle of abuse. Spinning around and around until it shattered into pieces. You are trying to pick up the pieces by moving on.
    I am not sure about the man in your dreams. Maybe you are ready to date again?? Maybe the man of your dreams is still out there! You just have to find him!!!


    • janieleeds says:

      AR, great interpretation! I think the man of my dream is out there somewhere. Maybe this was a breadcrumb for me to chew on and contemplate the idea of a new romance before he arrives! I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see what the Universe brings! ♥

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  2. TJ Fox says:

    Oh, so many things! First, sounds like an amazing blurb for a book I’d love to read! Ha!

    Okay, I love dreams and symbolism and interpretation, but the thing is, it is different for every person that has them. For some, dreams are just our brains processing. For others, it can be so much more. My Hubby can have some scarily prophetic dreams, but those always have a very specific feel to them and are different than the normal processing kinds of dreams.

    This can be as simple as your mind finally letting you know that you are good to move on to the next phase of your life and that you are in a good place to be able to allow the opportunity of love to come in. Or it can be something much more, like a hint of what is to come. If you take into account the sense of disbelief and the lack of complete ease you found yourself in when you felt the connection, it could be your brain’s way of helping you to come to terms with the fact that it is okay to open up again.

    What parts of the dream stuck out to you the most and what do those specific aspects mean to you? The concept of a ghost in your dream can mean something very different for you than for someone else and those are the kinds of things that will give you more of an idea what this dream means to you. In the end, even if all you got out of this now is something for you mind to chew on, your dream has given you something. You may find it has more meaning as time goes on (as nearly all of Hubby’s prophetic ones do) or you may find it was just something that stuck for a while and faded and whatever meaning it had was for your subconscious alone.

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    • bone&silver says:

      Great smart comment 👍🏼

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    • janieleeds says:

      TJ, thank you! How interesting about your hubby’s dreams! I’m sorry they are scary but he’s lucky to have you with him to rely on! I took time to think about what you’ve written and I think it’s my brain/mind/soul/body telling me it’s time for my next chapter to arrive – like a foretelling – and that maybe he’s spiritual. The dream of the vibe was really good overall and it’s given me lots to chew on, to think about and to imagine connecting with someone again. Because frankly, I’ve been interested in connecting friendships but nothing more. But to imagine a romantic connection is something sweet. Thanks for reading the dream and allowing me to share it because I don’t want to forget it in case there’s something down the road. I appreciate it! xo

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  3. roseelaineblog says:

    Maybe a message to let you know that you will meet your soulmate or maybe you already have?

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  4. bone&silver says:

    You will need to smash some old beliefs or habits to get through to your true inner knowing & connection with YOURSELF before you can meet the new partner you deserve 🙏🏼❤


  5. Create Space says:

    Janie, I think…Having your shoes off could symbolise your new found sense of ease with your situation and your increased self-confidence. Your feet sinking into the deep pile of the carpet meaning you are more grounded now. The glass spinning out of control was life out of control but now you have dealt with and tidied away all the shattered pieces. The nice man, helper, supporer- being those who have supported you to this more positive stage. The sense of family you feel amongst your co-workers could symbolise the connections you have formed within our blogging community. One by one people are acknowledging your progress and applauding you…the last person to stand, the one you feel connected to…finally…yourself, a new relationship with yourself…understanding yourself like never before…really connected with the new you! Hope you like my analysis…it’s either that or… enjoyed my Irish Coffey recommendation tooooooo much!!


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  7. I am horrible at reading dreams!! But wow!!


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