Making Reservations


Hey, it’s a new year and a new start and I’m making reservations!

I used to love to make reservations and go out when I was married.  Heck, I like it even now, but I haven’t been doing it because my financial life has changed.  However, it occurred to me today that I hold myself back a lot and with the new year, I’m not doing that anymore.

I like the phrase making reservations because it sounds special and I think that this year is to be special for all of us.  I was reading some numerologist posts on FB and yesterday was 1/1/11 which I didn’t understand at all.  I thought it was a typo, but it seems that 2018 when added together equals 11 which is a year of personal growth!  Yay!  Just what I’m looking for in this first full officially divorced year!

Making reservations doesn’t have to be limited to restaurant seating.  I think I’m going to use that mindset in all that I do for me.  I will reserve some blogging time, some quiet, contemplative coffee time and make reservations in my life for self-care more often.

Don’t you think the phrase making reservations sounds better than a to do list?  LOL  I want to raise up my vibrations this year and put myself out of my comfort zone more often and take a little more me time out of the day when I can.  I’m not saying that I won’t be me or Mom – but I think at 50, it’s time to start chapter 2.0 with a little more self-care, kindness towards me and feeling special.  Because heck, if I don’t roll out the red carpet for me (figuratively with a giggle), then nobody will.  I don’t want to play Cinderella in the scullery anymore.  I want to work hard, but also have time for a foot rub and maybe even slide my foot into that glass slipper when it comes my way!

Want to join me?

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9 Responses to Making Reservations

  1. Kim Smyth says:

    Sounds good! At 56, almost 57, I’m in that mindset myself…I need to work hard to reach my goals, but you must make down time for yourself as well, or you will burn out. Since i’m Still recovering from neck surgery, I’m having to learn to take it easy and prioritize my time. A little work, some rest, some exercise, more rest…you get the picture. I can’t wait til I’m cleared by the dr so I can not only resume normal activities, but treat myself to a massage to get out the huge knot under my left shoulder blade!
    I hope you reach all your goals this year AND “reserve” time for fun and relaxation! Happy 2018!

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  2. Sounds great! You need and deserve it! Good for you!!


  3. TJ Fox says:

    I like the concept of changing your perspective by turning a to-do list into making reservations. I can see how that can completely change how you view what it is you are doing. I might have to think about how I can do that in my life.

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    • janieleeds says:

      I’m so happy that you understood what I was trying to say because I wasn’t sure if it came out clearly or not. Just trying to put a positive spin on my life and take control of the new situation fully!

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  4. Create Space says:

    A to do list is a burden whereas making reservations sounds much more interesting! Great idea!


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