Are You Relieved The Holidays Are Over?


I used to feel a let down in January after the hustle and bustle of the holidays were over.  But at the same time, I also felt a tremendous relief because they were over and life would be quieter for a bit without dealing with relatives overload!  It’s hard to deal with family issues when we are forced into situations because of traditions set long ago.  Because it’s expected that you are going to be with your family, no matter how all get along together.  We just had to suck it up for the holiday season.  Grin and bear it!

I’ve decided that I will probably be changing it up next Christmas, so I don’t foresee having no choice but to be obliged to be with my family next year.  Although we survived it this year, I’m ready for a change up next year and I am anxiously awaiting a change in my life for the better.  Because I’m taking control!  Already a friend has invited the kids and me to Florida for next Christmas and I’m seriously thinking of taking her up on it.  It’s fun to think about at least – whether we do it or not.  I’m not telling the kids right now because there’s no need to put any more pressure on them.  As it is, they are still angry about Christmas and ex and his family so I’m just going to let things die down to a quiet roar before I change up any holidays.  And really, who knows what our lives will be like in a year.  That’s a long time for things to change and develop and for once in my life, I’m anticipating change as good!

I hope your holidays were good, that the relatives behaved and that your life is returning to quiet normality.  Enjoy the calm because Valentine’s Day is coming!  Three cheers for love!




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24 Responses to Are You Relieved The Holidays Are Over?

  1. Mischenko says:

    I haven’t taken down the Christmas stuff yet and won’t until after the 7th, but I always get a little down after the holidays. We didn’t have to deal with any drama this holiday season and it was so nice for a change! I honestly didn’t want Christmas to end. It’s such a joyous time of year.

    I hope the holidays this year will be better for you and your kids, Janie. I really feel like this is going to be an awesome year! ❤ Hugs XOXO

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    • janieleeds says:

      Thanks Mischenko! I hope your 2018 will be wonderful too! I think I’ll start tomorrow with the taking down of everything. Just not in the mood today. One more day of twinkling lights! Hugs to you xoxo

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  2. Honestly, it was nice to put the Christmas stuff away. I love the holidays,but they do absorb my life!


  3. Kiersten says:

    I’m super relieved. The holidays turned out better than I expected this year (they typically make me majorly depressed), but it’s still to get back into my regular routine.


    • janieleeds says:

      I understand Kiersten about getting back to the regular routine. But I do love the holidays. I just don’t like when people aren’t nice. But all that’s over and I can just enjoy the tranquility! Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. gwennym says:

    The dreaded Christmas holidays. THANK GOD it’s over. ugh.


  5. TJ Fox says:

    For me it feels like the holidays don’t end until February because we have three birthdays within a month and a half after Christmas, all just a few weeks separating them. The decorations are long down, but I’m still in that planning, prepping and entertaining mode. It is kind of nice as it sort of feels like I’m easing my way out of the holidays rather than jumping out cold turkey. Really, it kind of feels like we start mid October and run until mid February with the combination of birthdays and holidays. I used to dread it because it meant so many obligations with family but last year was so stress free, it nice. This year is looking to be the same.

    Hubby and I have talked over the years of how it would be nice to go somewhere for a holiday. I don’t think I could do Christmas because I think I need my decorated space and the warmth I feel in it for that one, but pretty much anything else would be awesome. I’d be absolutely fine on a beach or snuggled in a cabin in front of a fire for Thanksgiving, especially if it meant I didn’t spend half the day cooking. As much as I love to do it, sometimes it would just be nice to not have to.


    • janieleeds says:

      I agree TJ! It would be fun to not have to cook Thanksgiving and I would prefer to have the twinkling lights and balsam tree for Christmas. But I am trying to be open to all possibilities. I am glad you have so many lovely celebrations right now! Happy Birthdays to all! I hope that you are doing great – so happy you and your family are stress free! Yay!

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  6. L. Rorschach says:

    I am so glad they holidays are over! Xmas decorations are still up but will probably come down this weekend. I’ll be sad to box up the pretty tree.


  7. Christmas will come down on Saturday in my place. I say… take off next year and do whatever you want!

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  8. Create Space says:

    I agree with James…take off…try something new!


  9. 50themusical says:

    I love Christmas, but we do build up so much to it that it sometimes feels like a let down. This year has been more relaxed and less stressed, maybe not as exciting but then not a let down either. I think a lot of people I know feel sad in the New Year as its supposed to be a time for new beginnings, but things cannot change suddenly as the clock turns midnight. You’re certainly working hard at changing your life so hope it goes well x


    • janieleeds says:

      Thank you! I’m trying. Life begins everyday with the changes that we consciously make but I agree with you that midnight on NYE doesn’t automatically change everything at once. But I’m working on it in increments! 🙂 Thank you! xo


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