Super Blue Blood Moon Realization

Yesterday’s moon trifecta had an interesting affect on me.  For the last few days I’ve been a bit wonky and out of sorts.  Nothing major, not depression, but just wonky for lack of a better word.  I can’t even begin to define the wonky except to explain that I just wasn’t feeling myself, whomever I am.

But as I was making chicken soup again yesterday because it’s been chilly here and it’s one of those home-cooked with love meals that my kids and I are comforted by from time to time, I had an unbidden epiphany.  Standing at the stove, dropping cut up chicken into the boiling pot of goodness, music playing in the background, I suddenly smiled as I was belting out the song alone in my home.

And in that precious moment, the glimmer of peaceful joy in my life at that very moment spread throughout my body, from head to toes.  I smiled.  A huge grin of all is right in my world at this very moment was evident to me.  So much that the a-ha moment of yes, I am exactly where I am supposed to be, body, mind, heart and soul, right now and I’m ok made me feel like my feet were grounded into the Universe and in my imagination, it was as if I had a knowing and all was well.

I know it sounds magical and believe me, it felt that way in that instant.  I now know I am supposed to be here, with my kids, without my Ex for some other reason that perhaps I don’t even know yet.  But I’m still me.  I’m not less than because he left, because I am divorced, because my financial status is not where it once was.  I am here for another otherworldly reason and I welcome this peace into my life.  I am grateful for who I am, for what I’ve experienced and for the results that have happened in the past.  I am me.  I hugged myself in awe of me.  I don’t mean to sound selfish or egotistical.  But in that precious moment, I unabashedly welcomed me back into my life.  I can’t be someone else except me, the real me, the one with quirks, but with a loving heart who’s open to life, to love and to joy and to peace in her surroundings.

What a precious, delightful gift of healing I had yesterday.  I wonder if you had any epiphanies with the moon yesterday?  I’d love to hear about them if you’d share!

I hope that all of us get to experience that moment of pure self love and love for others.  That instant was so clear to me.  Have you ever experienced anything like that?

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2 Responses to Super Blue Blood Moon Realization

  1. Beautiful. You deserve all the love and joy and peace that could possibly be experienced.


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