Dressing Up and Going Out

It’s been ages since I dressed up to go out.  I mean in a single mom’s measurement of time because I’m now a single parent and we don’t get to go out too often because the kids are home.  It’s only occasionally when their dad takes them, and it’s very occasional, believe me.

But tonight, I am dressing up to go to a party.  It’s the first one with people who weren’t family or family friends for a long time that know our backstory.  The fact that the kids and I are going together, out as a family, to a big party finds me a bit anxious and yet, a little excited!

So I’m asking that you please send me a little positivity!  I’m not expecting fireworks by any means because I only know the kid for whom the party is being celebrated because he’s a friend of my kid.  And although I’ve been texting with his mom, I’ve never met her and I don’t know anyone else there.  It should be really interesting, for my kids and for me.

I’ve been debating what to wear, but I think I found an outfit that makes me feel good in it.  I have to wash and iron the kids’ clothes as well, but I have time enough for that today.  I got my hair done yesterday, alone with a manicure and eyebrow wax as a treat – so this is it folks!  It’ll be the best I can do and luckily the focus won’t be on me at all!  I’ll just be in the background and hopefully we won’t have to stay very late because the party’s over an hour away in unfamiliar territory.

But I’m feeling like it’s a new stepping out for me.  A new chapter especially because I’m still smoke free!  Now if I could only keep my hands out of the cookie jar, I’d be golden.  I guess one step at a time, right?  Gotta keep praising myself for the success and work through the mindless eating as I can.

I have to stay strong!

I hope whatever you do this weekend, that it’s fun for you – that you get to relax and just enjoy yourself with whatever makes you happy!  Just send a little happy thought to me too please.  Thanks!




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11 Responses to Dressing Up and Going Out

  1. E says:

    some positivity coming your way!
    Have a great evening!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim Smyth says:

    Have a great time, you’re gonna be fine!


  3. Roda says:

    Have a magical night!


  4. Create Space says:

    I hope you’re home with lovely memories after a really social and enjoyable night out!


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