A Quiet Rebirth


Life can get tumultuous at times and then it can get quiet.  It’s quiet now and I’m so happy for the quiet.  I think it’s because I’ve stepped off the roller coaster.  I’ve side stepped out of my own way and into peaceful thinking.  YAY!

A year ago, I would have been fretting over this holiday weekend.  I would have been mad that I had to ask my Ex if/when he’s coming into town to see the kids.   I would have been trying to figure out when it was my turn to celebrate Easter with them and trying to plan how we would spend Easter because I don’t want to see my brother and his family and I know my kids don’t either.

But something has come over me lately which is – it’s all fine and whatever happens, I’m fine with today.  In fact, if my Ex doesn’t share the holiday with me and takes the kids the whole day, I’m ok with it.  If this had been Christmas, I would have been angry, but Easter isn’t such a big deal for me, especially when the kids live with me.  So, in my head, I’m thinking – go for it, feed them (because that’s a huge expense) and you give them Easter cards, baskets and candy.  While I have a small card and a little token gift, because I’m mom and I can’t help myself, I am letting the Ex take it all.

And guess what?  It feels fabulous!

So if you’re stuck in your head that your Ex has the kids for Easter, don’t fret.  Enjoy the quiet rebirth with peace in your heart and a relaxing day.  Easter doesn’t have to be celebrated in any formal way.  You can celebrate in any way you like!  Do whatever makes you feel good!  That’s my motto!

Enjoy your rebirth!

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6 Responses to A Quiet Rebirth

  1. You can’t beat a rebirth 😉


  2. bone&silver says:

    Yes! Great new attitude; enjoy the break


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