Rocky Theme Song

Rocky‘s theme song Gonna Fly Now feels right to post today.  It’s a classic that even if you’ve never seen the movie, you know that song, right?  Is there anyone who didn’t recognize it?  I’m putting it below in case you have no idea what I’m talking about when I say the theme song from the movie with Sylvester Stallone called Rocky.

When it comes to inspiration, the lyrics are simple but powerful.

Trying hard now.

It’s so hard now,

Trying hard now.

Getting strong now,

Won’t be long now,

Getting strong now.

Gonna fly now,

Flying high now,

Gonna fly, fly, fly!

Isn’t that what overcoming life’s obstacles all about?  Whether it’s financial hardship, heartbreak or personal difficulties you gotta start with trying hard, progress to getting strong and then finish by flying!
You can listen to Rocky’s theme below.  I hope it inspires you like it does me!


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13 Responses to Rocky Theme Song

  1. Create Space says:

    Lovely share Janie…takes me back!


  2. bone&silver says:

    That’s a classic! Thanks- it’s playing now as I type this, and I have a big, dumb, nostalgic grin on my face : )


  3. SDC says:

    So, when *I* think of this song, all I always think of the montage in Mr. Mom when he’s totally let himself go and everything is a mess. And they play this song over a bunch of clips of him finally getting his act together for his family 😂😂😂 Sorry, Rocky! Lol!


  4. Mischenko says:

    Love this song and it’s an all-time favorite inspiration. I’ll admit, I think about it a lot when I’m running and in the final stretch lol. Awesome share! 💜


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