Neither Time Nor Distance

I must capture this time and these feelings so please forgive me if I bore you.  Perhaps my realization that soul love knows not of time nor distance, may inspire you to recall the one that got away for whatever reason.

Are you like me that there’s a someone special with whom you shared love, but for whatever reason, it was not meant to be?  Is there a portion of your heart that holds this person so dearly, even if you haven’t seen them nor communicated since you were together?  Even if you were never intimate nor kissed or were intimate and completely besotted, there remains a soul love that you hold dearly within?

I had that experience.  The tiny flame that yearned stayed with me for decades.  The knowledge that neither time nor distance extinguished that love still amazes me.  We have lived separate lives for decades and yet, upon seeing each other for the first time, embraced as if no time had passed between us – no lives, no losses, no disappointments, no regrets.  We embraced with presence and precious knowledge that the love we once shared never died.

That to me is a soul love and reminds me of how precious that connection with him remains.  I can’t explain it to you, nor to me.  I only understand that peaceful knowledge in myself, in my heart, in my soul, my mind, my body and my entire being.

To love and to be loved without confines continues even after I have returned.  While we may never be in each other’s physical presence again, I am sated in knowing that our connection remained strong and that if there is such a past life, we were together then too.

He gave me back myself, reminded me of my worth, and embraced my soul with respect, caring and love.  While I miss him terribly, our circumstances individually, do not allow for either of us to move at this time for the distance and responsibilities are too great.  We would lose what we have worked so hard for in this life.  But the knowledge that love transcends time and distance sparked in me my authentic self to enjoy life once again.

He remains my soul love, but set me free to find another love where I am.  I am a simple woman with a heart full of love again.  He knows I can never thank him enough for the healing gift he has given to me and perhaps, in some way, I gave to him.

And we both know that is enough for now.

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6 Responses to Neither Time Nor Distance

  1. A R says:

    This is very strange that you posted this… I am have been thinking a lot lately about the “one that got away.” I feel ashamed to be thinking this way because I am married. I have been thinking about him for the past 2 years. We live miles apart and I have not seen him in years. I hate thinking about another guy… UGH! He will always hold a place in my heart. Even if I never see him again.


  2. I understand totally. My story is a little different than yours, but it is soul love. I have never met him, but our souls communicate on another level. He is my friend and my rock and has helped me see that I am more than I ever dreamt I was. He has shown me that I am capable of loving someone again, when i thought my ability to love had died with my marriage. He wants me just to be happy and that’s my wish for him too. We too have lives and responsibilities far apart, but he’s given me a truly special gift. We will enjoy our friendship for as long as we are able and hold a special place is each other’s heart for always.
    Thank you Janie


    • janieleeds says:

      Oh my Dotty! How wonderful! Thanks for sharing your story and your soul love. It is pure, simple and precious, isn’t it? Keep smiling and keep the connections! xo


  3. bone&silver says:

    That sounds amazing… and I hope it helps you to keep connecting with your worth and value every day x


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