Text Message Received

Yesterday afternoon I received a text and it read:

Happy Mother’s Day.  Enjoy your day with the kids.

It was from my former husband who has not reached out, nor answered beyond a one word response in months.  I was stunned to see it.  I laughed thinking that perhaps he had read my post from the other day, but he doesn’t know I write a blog so that would be a slight chance if he had found my blog or even read it.

I told the kids that their dad had reached out and they were surprised too.  Then the older one said, hey, do you think he’s maybe changing?  As I looked over at him, he began laughing as I did.  Nah, he’s not changing Mama, but that sure was nice.  When was the last time he told you Happy Mother’s Day?  I had to think about it and then said three years ago.

I admit I waited a little while before responding Thank you, but only because we were busy celebrating mother’s day with my brother and his family.  Besides, just because he suddenly decides to be nice, I wasn’t going to jump up and respond right away.  But I did respond and I was grateful to have been wished a Happy Mother’s Day by the man who made me a Mom.

Geez, I just wrote about this the other day.  I’ll admit, I am glad that he wrote to me in a text.  I don’t know why he did it since this hasn’t been his routine at all.  Maybe it’s because I still send a card and a text to his mom.  Maybe because I had the kids send her texts too and we called her (and he didn’t).  Who knows for sure what goes on in his mind.  I certainly don’t.  But it was nice and I did appreciate the effort on his part.

So you see, I’m not a bitter wizened divorced woman in case you were thinking I am.  Nope.  I am just me, wanting peace and respect and giving out what I want in return whenever I can.  Because I think what goes around, comes around, even if it takes years.

I don’t think that just because he sent a text means he’s going to all of a sudden be nicer than he has in the past.  I’m not that naive nor innocent anymore.  But I am grateful for the little things.

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7 Responses to Text Message Received

  1. BeowulfSabrina says:

    I guess I’m a more cynical princess than I used to be. I just received a couple of impersonal happy birthday emails from youknowwho along with the single rose, chocolates and 2 cards he gave me a couple days ago. I don’t see much “nice” in his actions, at least in my case. I see someone who’s trying to manipulate a situation, impression management, not a heartfelt expression of kindness. Or remorse. Or humility. Or authenticity. I really hope your text was from a heart that may have been doing some self reflection, but in my case, that ship has sailed, so to speak.


    • janieleeds says:

      I am not looking into the why for the text I received. Quite frankly, it amused me but not in a bratty way. Just in a way that allowed me to see that he acknowledged me but I’m not thinking any more than that.
      As for your situation dear Sabrina, that ship has sailed off into the sunset and yes, I believe under the circumstances, there’s manipulation and you need to continue as you have been in being wary and not just seeing the face value of cards and gifts because we’ve both seen the flip side of that in him.


  2. You don’t think he wants to come back do you 😳


  3. bone&silver says:

    Ha! What a coincidence!! That’s great 🙂


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