Is May When Past Loves Are Revisited?

Is there something in the air lately?  Do you have it too in your life?  Is there something about May that brings out romance or nostalgia of past loves?  Because really, this is fun!

I wrote about the man I fell in love with three decades ago here.  I spent some quality time with again, going down memory lane and holding hands while kissing and revisiting all the places and people we knew back in our past time together.  While he has always stayed in my heart,  circumstances are that we live faraway from each other’s reality and culture.  What we had is a soul love for which I am ever grateful.  How we picked back up decades later so naturally only shows me how the love we share(d) is truly ours.  And I do hope that one day perhaps, I may return to him again.  But for now, it is what it is.

But in the meantime, through coincidence, another man I dated even before him, came into my life again.  It was fun to reminisce with him and to hear that he is married, has kids and is happy.  It was great to see how successful he had become and how his life had turned out so well for him.  It was truly a gift that he remembered our time together as fondly as I did.  And it felt so good that he was so complimentary to me about how I looked back then and now, and that he still carried all the sweet memories from our time together.

Isn’t that what we want for those with whom we share a past?  Even as a divorced woman and after all the BS my former husband and his family have put me through, I want him to be happy too.  If he couldn’t be happy with me, then I hope he finds peace and happiness with himself and a partner.

And I wish that for myself as well and for you, if you’re single and looking for a special someone to share laughter and love with too.

So cheers to May and to the kindness of past loves.  May they inspire hope in all of us to find love again!  I feel like hope is rekindling and love is opening up especially for us!  Yay May!

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14 Responses to Is May When Past Loves Are Revisited?

  1. I like the positivity in this post. especially the part about your EX husband and his family giving you trouble in the past, you chose to think about the good things, hoping he could find happiness. That’s just selfless, I admire that. Thank you for sharing this. I would love to really connect with you, can you please follow my blog page, if you don’t mind.


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  3. SDC says:

    Damn and here May is almost over…oh well! Always next year, lol.


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