You’re Not The Girl I Thought You Were

I was watching Legally Blonde recently and one quote jumped out at me.

If you’re going to let one stupid prick ruin your life…you’re not the girl I thought you were. – Professor Stromwell

And with that simple, timely exchange, Elle Woods was given the courage to succeed!

While I don’t condone calling people names, nor do I believe that all exes are stupid pr*cks, I do like how the Professor stopped Elle’s story in her tracks and made her re-evaluate her situation.

Let’s face it, when we get divorced, we have our story.  At least that’s how some people deal with it.  We stop our healing because we stick to our story.  And we spend way too much time retelling our version to ourselves, to friends, to strangers…

But in order to heal, you’ve got to see the whole picture.  You’ve got to face your story and separate fact from fiction in order to move on.  You’re intelligent enough to do that and you’re strong enough to do it.  You just need to get the courage up to rise above it.

Get out of your story because if you live there too long, you’ll never leave it.  And then you wouldn’t be the girl I thought you were.  Because everybody deserves happiness and love.  Be the girl who you are meant to be.

Come on.  You’re not alone.  We’re here for you!





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4 Responses to You’re Not The Girl I Thought You Were

  1. I love that quote Too! It’s such a turning point in the movie


  2. bone&silver says:

    Yes! #thefutureisfemale


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