He’s Just Not That Into You

I watched the movie He’s Just Not That Into You last night.  It’s from 2009 with actors who use flip phones so it’s before texting was so mainstream.  But it struck a chord with me.  Have you ever seen that movie?

It brings up the differences in thinking with relationships.  It brings up that we don’t always say what we mean or mean what we say in relationships.  It brings up a bunch of common dating and marriage dilemmas that either we’ve dealt with directly or through a friend’s experience.

So how do you cope with all of it?

I’m excited to enter into the dating pool after divorce and after 50, but I’m nervous.  Do you have any suggestions?


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6 Responses to He’s Just Not That Into You

  1. L. Rorschach says:

    Woot! I’m excited for you!
    I could go on and on with advice….! 😂

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  2. I could use some pointers too, feeling very nervous and a bit “low” about it all tbh.
    I was having the conversation with my daughter recently and I had to admit to myself that I am not sure I have evre had much in common with my past loves. If anything, I moulded myself to fit in with them. Fast forward to today, I am much more confident and less likely to bury my authentic self to comply with someone else’s ideals. I know what I don’t want, but what I do want is another matter- where to start?
    I am going to be very picky, my daughter said I shouldn’t limit myself so much, but I don’t want to lose myself in a new relationship, we have to have a whole lot of stuff that we can share and be interested in.
    I am 55 and have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I am going to be alone for the rest of my life.


    • janieleeds says:

      Oh Jenny! Thanks for sharing here. I feel similarly, but I think it’s about having our authentic self well centered inside in order to be able to share ourselves with someone else in an equal manner.
      If you are meant to be with someone else and share your lives, you will. In the meantime, allow life to unfold, connect with others to see how you fit and just be yourself! Enjoy the glorious day as it unfurls.
      I had the same fears about being alone for the rest of my life, but I’ve found peace (for the most part). I’m here when you need a friend. We will get through this too. xoxo

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  3. bone&silver says:

    Oh where do I begin!!?? Here’s my online dating nutshell: be clear & honest about what you really want (to yourself & to the potential suitors), and most importantly, REMEMBER THAT YOU ARE THE PRIZE ON THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN THAT THEY MUST CLIMB. It’s not about ‘selling yourself’; it’s about knowing your worth & gifts, then letting the right one work their way to you 😊💪🏼💪🏼 (& that stands whether you’re looking for sex, dates, a bit of romance, or true love). It’s all out there: have fun and explore! Good luck 😊❤ G


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