I Almost Hit My Prom Date

And here’s another one for the blog…lol!  The other day in the grocery store parking lot, I almost hit my prom date from high school with my car.  Just kidding!  He was walking through the parking lot when I recognized him pushing his shopping cart to his car.  So I slowed down, stopped and said hi to him and we started talking for a few minutes.  Lucky for me there weren’t a bunch of cars behind me and the lot was pretty empty.

He leaned in and kissed me hello on the cheek.  It’s been a few years since I’ve seen him at the last high school reunion.  While I know he lives near me, we haven’t really communicated that much.  He’s divorced for longer than me and his kids are a little older than mine.

He looked really good (wink) and when he asked how I was, I told him I’m doing really great!  He knew that I had a hard time when my former husband left and he smiled a big knowing grin when I said I was doing great (because he understood what I was saying).  We caught up for a few minutes before I realized that I was probably holding up any cars that were around (but lucky for me, there were none).  We laughed about his recent birthday and how we’re over 50 now.  Where has the time gone to?  He asked me.  I said I’m loving 50! and he laughed saying I knew you’d be like that!

We parted ways with a smile and a wave goodbye.  What a lovely interchange and it put a pep in my step as I parked my car and went into the store.  I have to keep remembering to put some added effort into my appearance when I leave the house!  Lucky for me, I had a meeting beforehand so I was feeling like I was looking as good as it gets for a regular day!

Who knows where any of this leads, but I’m thinking that I’m getting bread crumbs like Hansel and Gretel left, to find my way back home to me….at least that’s how I’m interpreting these encounters.

What do you think?

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14 Responses to I Almost Hit My Prom Date

  1. BeowulfSabrina says:

    You go, girl. OMG these are NOT chance encounters! You are sending your sparkles out into the universe, my friend. And get this! I have a DATE for a big party/event next Saturday! A LOVELY man who knows all about my current status. A bit young for me for a “relationship” but as a human who thinks I have value and that I’m lovely, well, it’s definitely helped my self esteem!

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  2. Being open to love attracts it towards you 😉


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  4. A R says:

    God must be telling you something! You keep on bumping into guys from your past. I believe something good is coming your way!


  5. Jo Price says:

    You are a man magnet lately! Lol! You know how much I love that for you! Now go get em you wild vixen. 😂😉


  6. New beginnings can be so exciting! Happy for you!


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