Make Sure You Google Him

Let me tell you a funny story.  A friend gave this guy my number as a referral for work.  I’ll call him Steve (even though that’s not his name).  We played phone tag for a few days, but finally talked today.

As we were talking, the conversation went on a tangent.  He told me he was divorced and believed the divorce was affecting his kids.  So I shared that I am a divorced mom as well.  All pretty superficial conversation until he starts to tell me that he’s in therapy and is working on himself because the divorce was hard.  I applaud his efforts saying that it’s a good choice because we need to heal after a divorce so we don’t make the same mistakes again.

I’m liking his voice and the way he’s talking.  In the back of my mind, I’m thinking hmmmm I like that this guy is so talkative and he’s connecting on what seems to be a deeper level.  So yeah, I’m feeling a little interested in him.  First time in awhile for me, but it was nice to connect with someone who seemed to get it.

When we hung up, I decided to google his name for the heck of it.

Eight different cheating websites popped up with his name and the town he lives in.  And this is what they said:  Beware lying, cheating sociopath.  Cheated on faithful, cancer survivor wife with multiple women for years.  He has two small kids.  Don’t believe a word he says.

I began laughing and couldn’t stop.  I’m grateful that I dodged a bullet by googling him.  Whether it’s true or not, that stopped any interest immediately.  If it is true, then good for his ex-wife in sharing the information.  If it’s not, then I feel badly for him because he’s all over the internet as a serial cheater.

We’ve got to stick together and weed out the bad ones.  I never even knew those types of websites existed.  I just figured I’d google to see what he looked like in person.  After reading that description, I don’t care anymore.  Because maybe, I’m still a little bit of narc bait, even though I did google him.  I’m getting smarter.  Make sure you do too.


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14 Responses to Make Sure You Google Him

  1. Hmm. Good thing you had the gut feeling of googling him. 😊


  2. TJ Fox says:

    Sorry, but that had me laughing. Really?! I’m with you on the feeling bad for the guy if his ex just has it out for him, but better be on the safe side if she isn’t. Either way, people can just be crazy and you really don’t need more of that in your life, whichever side of the story it comes from

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  3. LA says:

    That’s crazy!!


  4. Sandy says:

    That is unbelievable! I would have to lean towards it being true, rather than not true. Even though we are not to believe everything we read on the internet, there is a reason why his name appears multiple times. Good work.


    • janieleeds says:

      Thanks Sandy. Yes, I am not thoroughly convinced by what I read, but I will say that it gave me enough of a pause to not think any more about his lovely voice or the supposed connection I felt. That was reassuring to me.

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  5. Thank goodness for google! 🙂


  6. That is crazy! I can’t believe those sites exist! I wonder if he’ll ever Google himself! 😳🙊


  7. stormieday says:

    Got to love the internet. I got a guy I was seeing for 7 months by doing a little research. — wish I’d been smarter and did my research before wasting 7 months with a serial cheater.

    Great job!


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