There’s Something About Getting Your Hair Done…

I booked a hair appointment today along with a manicure for a treat.  I figured why not pamper myself a bit while the dye is processing?  I have to sit there anyway for awhile in order to get rid of those pesky greys that seem to come faster, especially when I’ve had a stressful month.

I love to go to the salon because I don’t get pampered too often in this post divorce chapter of my life.  It’s the one day that I shower and don’t care about my hair because I’m going to the salon!  So I always do something silly like try to curl it or let it dry naturally (which by the way is a disaster with fine, thinning hair).  But when I walk out of the salon, I feel AMAZING!  Don’t you?

I usually try to dress up a bit on those days because after a professional blow out and dye job, I feel like a million bucks.  My hair will not look this way again until I return so I try to get the most mileage out of it.  I book hair appointments specifically when I have something special planned and if I don’t (like tonight) I will call someone to meet for drinks or dinner.  Because who’s going to waste a blow out?  Not me.  Certainly, not me.  That’s the highlight of how good I look until the next appointment!  Ha ha!

I figured that since the homesick kid’s life is improving, I need to get my empty nester, divorcee attitude back on and restart this next chapter.  Because who knows what’s in store for me in the next few months?  It’s all in the attitude I think…don’t you?

So cheers to kick starting the spitfire girl I once was before marriage.  Deep breath…I’ll keep you in the loop!  And if you’re an empty nester divorcee, come along with me!  Let’s have a little fun!

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17 Responses to There’s Something About Getting Your Hair Done…

  1. Very inspiring and fun. I haven’t experienced getting my nails done or my hair fixed or colored. Ha ha. But you deserve some pampering and some “me time” 🙂


  2. stormieday says:

    Glad you’re taking out “me” time. Have fun!!


  3. LA says:

    It’s all about the attitude


  4. It’s great to treat yourself to a good cut and colour, your hair is your crowning glory! Now you have more time you can perfect doing your hair yourself. Trust me if you can survive divorce you can master your own hair 😉


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