Fall And Football

I know that yesterday’s post about me loving fall neglected the whole football thing.  I did it on purpose because I’m not much of a sports watcher.  Now that I’m divorced, I don’t have to watch as much.  But when everyone is huddled around the television hollering for their team, I’m still the one who’s in charge of snacks.  Guess that’s the mom in me.

I do like to watch football if we’re at a real game, but on TV?  Not so much.  I’d rather just see the highlight reel or find out the final score later on.  I don’t have to be a part of the game since I don’t have an absolute favorite NFL team.  If I knew a player personally, then maybe I’d be a super fan of their team, but I don’t.  I don’t have any allegiances.  I am just there for the fun of it.

And yet, when I was younger, I was involved in the football pools at work.  It used to drive the guys crazy when I chose the teams according to whose colors or mascots I liked better and not the teams themselves.  Why?  Because I used to win!  Ha ha  Those guys who could rattle off stats on each team and their star players had nothing on me and my beginners luck!

How about you?  Are you a huge fall football fan?  Do you yell at the television and plan your whole weekend around the big game?  Do you have a favorite team?  Do you know a player in real life?  Let me know if you know any football players personally so I can choose a team this year to root for!  Thanks!


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23 Responses to Fall And Football

  1. I am so glad football is back! NCAA = Notre Dame and NFL = Steelers … those are my teams. I knew previous players, but not anyone currently (unless relative count?). I plan my weekends around my games and sometimes other games depending on the matchup. I have Sunday Ticket so I never miss an NFL game. And yes, I yell at the TV, flip refs off, and pace 🙂


  2. The V Pub says:

    I enjoy watching pro football. I find it to be part of the Autumn experience. I enjoy having beer and snacks, having the fireplace roaring (when it’s cooler) and simply relaxing on the couch.

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    • janieleeds says:

      Oh that sounds delightful! I’d prefer a wine though…and I do watch with the kids when they’re home only because I like to hang with them and eat the snacks! LOL For me, I’d only watch pro football too. Unless my kid was playing on a college football team, I have no desire to watch college teams play.


      • The V Pub says:

        I start out with beer, because my favorite finger food for football (how’s that for alliteration?) is/are buffalo wings. I can’t drink anything but light beer with that. But, my preferred drink is definitely red wine.


  3. I can’t stick football 🙊


  4. LA says:

    Ill root for the giants, but honestly, if there were no football I wouldn’t care…


  5. You know I have to agree. I do watch UFC fights and can say I’ve seen more fights than games so far in my life.


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