Weather, It’s An Illness

I have been battling migraines for the last few days.  Just like the barometer that can’t seem to find a steady zone in which to stay, my head goes from feeling fine to excruciating migraines.  It doesn’t help that the migraines have caused nausea and all out vomiting recently which hasn’t happened for years.  I’ve even had my contacts pop out and am now wearing my glasses for a day or two.

Is this another sign of global warming?

The temps seem to vary as well and we’ve not seen a slow steady drop into fall like temps, but instead, it’s a plummet into frost and then a spring the next day into warm weather.  I hate it.  And I love fall, but this is ridiculous.  And it’s before Halloween!

Where are those slightly cooler temperatures in the evenings and early mornings with the smell of fall?  Where is that beginning of needing a heavier sweater only until midday as it gradually gets warmer, only to need it again at dusk?  I feel frozen instead of wrapping myself in a warm sweater and smiling at the beginnings of the big chill to come.

Am I the only one having this experience?  Are you having issues too?

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19 Responses to Weather, It’s An Illness

  1. gwennym says:

    I’m so sorry about your migraines. I used to have them constantly until my dr. changed my blood pressure medicine. I still occasionally get them when the weather changes. Praying you find relief soon.


  2. I am sorry you are struggling right now. Hugs!


  3. TJ Fox says:

    This has been me for the last several weeks. I have been living on pain meds for the insane sinus headaches that just won’t seem to quite go away completely and pulse back at excruciating instances. I’ve already pulled out my heavier blankets (which I have tons all over the house) and am ready to hibernate. I don’t usually get this way until at least after Halloween, if not after Thanksgiving. It drives me crazy that it hasn’t been warm enough for me to have my windows open and I have to have the heat on already. Well, for a couple of days at least, but now we are getting back to what is considered “normal”. I keep telling Hubby that Mother Nature needs to get the hell over menopause already!


  4. LA says:

    My allergies are bad, but that’s it. Also got so much cooler today!


  5. LA says:

    And feel better!!❤️❤️


  6. Wow, that’s so strange , I got up this morning after a good nights sleep and I put the tv on and thought I can’t read some of the words at the bottom of the screen. Then one eye had zig zagging colours going on. I took some paracetamol and it gradually went. I hope yours went quickly too. 🌹


  7. Mischenko says:

    Aww! Headaches are the worst. I get nausea from time to time with mine too and it’s brutal. Sorry to hear you’ve had them lately. The weather does cause issues for me, but it’s usually the colder temps that drop and then my joints hurt. Ugh. One thing that helps mine is peppermint and lavendar essential oil. I just put it on my head with a little coconut oil. Maybe it might help you too? Take care, Janie. 😘❤ xoxo


  8. michi0507 says:

    My mind fills with unhealthy thoughts it may be triggered by the lack of sunlight or drastic changes in weather
    Thanks for sharing Janie take care!


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