Twelve Notes

I really like what Sam Elliott says below in the movie, A Star Is Born.  It makes perfect sense to me and since I adore music, it feels even more poignant to me.

Over the years, I’ve written poetry, but not songs.  I applaud those of you who do.  I tinker on the piano a bit, but it’s been a long time since I played anything.  I love music.  I love to sing even though I’m not sure I’m a good singer.  Music is universal.  Music connects.  That’s what I love best about it.

Music is essentially twelve notes between any octave.  Twelve notes and the octave repeats.  It’s the same story told over and over.  All any artist can offer the world is how they see those twelve notes.  (Trailer below at 5:10-5:26)

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14 Responses to Twelve Notes

  1. The V Pub says:

    What a great comment! I suppose the same can be said of poetry. There are a fixed amount of letters, and a poem is born of those over and over. I agree, music is universal. I can’t read any music, but I’ve played with trained musicians, I’ve played with people whose language I didn’t understand. So, you play piano? Can we have a listen? 🙂

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    • janieleeds says:

      I love that you tied it to poetry and you are right! As for me playing for others besides me??? Well, I think I need practice…it’s been quite awhile.
      As a kid, I took lessons for years and then hated to practice so I stopped. I can read music but I’m rusty. I learned the classics – Chopin, Mozart, etc. but I really wanted to play more modern tunes and that’s where wanting to practice went by the wayside. So I can play a few tunes from heart still – The Entertainer – LOL – and maybe some Sonatas…I really should take some time this weekend to tickle the ivories again…I have missed playing for myself.
      So in a LONG WINDED ANSWER to your question (sorry), maybe someday I’ll send you a little bit of me playing…after I practice…a lot!!

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  2. Come on Janie, write us a song, you can do it girl 😉


  3. Writing poetry I think is similar to writing a song, the amount of emotion needed is leveled.


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