I Have A New Trainer!

I have a new trainer at the gym and she’s amazing!  She counts the reps.  She focuses on my posture.  She talks with me.  She is encouraging and she pushes me to my limits.  We laugh and joke!  What a huge difference from my prior trainer who you helped me to see wasn’t a good fit for me!

Having completed yet another training session with her yesterday, I’m sitting here on the couch with my still a little wobbly legs typing to you with a smile on my face.  The power of blogging comes to mind as so many of you helped me with your gym experience and gave me the courage to change trainers!  YAY!  Thank you!

I had another session earlier this week.  It took me two days to walk properly after that one, but it was with glee because I wasn’t too sore, but sore enough if that makes sense.  And I couldn’t wait to go back to my trainer!  My body feels like it’s had an adrenaline shot!  Nerves are firing away and I feel alive!  But I also feel the need for a NAP afterwards!  And I sleep like a log!  Is that normal?

I have a smile on my face!  Thanks for the support everyone!  I just love you all!

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32 Responses to I Have A New Trainer!

  1. This is great to hear and I am glad you found such a good trainer. She sounds perfect. The aches will be at their worst for only a few weeks. I find the soreness peaks around 36 hours after a workout. The energy will stay with you. Sleeping well is normal, yes.
    Once you are used to strenuous workouts you will not suffer so much soreness afterwards but beware if you have a holiday you will hurt after your first workout when you get back!
    I am starting at a new gym on tuesday after 6 years at the old place.

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  2. Woohoo! This is fantastic! I am both proud of you for standing up for yourself and happy that you have found a match! The degree of soreness will lessen after a few weeks as your muscles retain their memory. It is normal now to feel expended – that is a sign you have pushed yourself. As your body adapts you will find you will be able to push yourself just a little bit further each time! Good luck!


  3. Go Janie, go Janie, go Janie 😉


  4. Now you have to post photos of your progress.


  5. The V Pub says:

    Congrats!! With a pro at your side, results will be better. 👍


  6. Create Space says:

    I’m just so delighted to hear the happiness in your voice and to know you have a smile all over your face…the rest, including interesting new friendships will follow!! Marie Xx


  7. You are fantastic. Hope it all goes well. Go Janie! 🙂


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  9. Great
    You found the best trainer.
    Best of luck for your future.


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