Make Me Lose Control

Whenever I hear that song Make Me Lose Control by Eric Carmen, I start remembering that summer when the guy I was dating played it whenever we were in his car.  While we’re still friends, he’s married, has kids but still holds a special place in my heart.

So when that song came on the radio the other day (80’s station lol) I started singing and all I could think of was I want a man who will make me lose control…and stop smoking.  A man who will inspire me to want to quit so we can share passionate kisses.  A man who will help me to want to get out of this smoking rut and into a more spontaneous life.  A man who will remind me that I don’t need that crutch anymore because I’m ok.

Now I know that I need to make myself happy and not do things for someone else, but I need a little incentive.  I’m just being honest here.  I know the whole bad for my health thing, but it’s not really making much of a difference.  I’ve cut down the amount that I smoke, but still.  I’ve not yet quit and I’d really like to quit.  I’ve gotten a trainer and I’m working out at the gym, but I haven’t been able to break this bad habit for good.

Maybe you think I’m weak.  Maybe you think I’m being silly, but it’s how I really feel right now.  I want someone to make me lose control of smoking and get out of my comfort zone of staying at home.  I don’t need to be out dancing every night but oh, just the thought of finding someone who lights up that darkened flame within me…ahhh…let the fantasy begin!

Here’s a little reminder in case you want to go down memory lane with me…I’ll make sure I don’t smoke if you promise to take me for a drive under the summer stars and kiss me passionately!  Come on…Make Me Lose Control!  LOL


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10 Responses to Make Me Lose Control

  1. LA says:

    Every time you think of buying put the money in the jar. Think of it as incentive to buy a treat


  2. Create Space says:

    Just keep putting it out there Janie, the answers will come! Xx


  3. bone&silver says:

    Have u tried hypnotherapy? [to quit smoking, not find a man 😘]


  4. A man can’t do this for you Janie, you need to do it for yourself, love and cherish yourself because you are a beautiful, special lady who deserves only the best. Once you love and cherish yourself true love will appear in the form of a man 😉


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