I Broke Up With My Hairdresser

So I broke up with my hairdresser which was hard.  I don’t particularly like change, but I felt like I needed to do something different.  I had been with the same stylist at the same salon for over five years which is a long time, especially since I have a lot of grey hair so I’m there often!  Because who wants to look over 50 if we can help it, right?

We were friends and from time to time we saw each other socially.  But over the last few visits when I mentioned the hair dye product staining my scalp and walking out of the salon with the undeniable signs of just having my hair dyed, it fell on deaf ears.  That bothered me.  If I’m spending big bucks, I want to enjoy the feel good of just done hair instead of having to go home and wait until the dye stain goes away in another day.  Or having the scrub my hairline myself.  What’s the use of having a blow out when you have to go home?

Then, when I wanted to change up my color (because I’ve done it in the past), she didn’t agree.  I showed her a photo of me years ago (before she was my stylist) saying I wanted to return to this and I suggested highlights to cover the greys (because that’s what I used to do).  Instead, she gave me balayage which didn’t have the same effect I was looking for.  So a friend nudged me to try a new salon to see if I could achieve the look I was going for but not getting.

And guess what?  I’m now rocking blonde instead of the dull brunette I’d been and I’m loving the new look!  I feel so much happier!  Even better, I’m spending less money to hide the greys without the tell-tale dyed scalp!  I feel like a new woman!

But then my original stylist texted me asking where I’d been and I felt guilty.  Have you ever had that sinking feeling?  Like you have to tell them and you don’t want to?   I didn’t know how to tell her because I was afraid she’d take it badly.  And she did.  While I was honest and kind, she’s hurt and I understand.

But on the other hand, at this age, I should get what I want…and if it’s not working for me, then I have to get out of my comfort zone and just say No thank you in the kindest way possible.  It’s kinda like when I got a new trainer at the gym!

It still wasn’t easy and it’s left our friendship unfortunately in limbo.  It’s hard to break up with a longtime stylist who’s also someone you see occasionally out of the salon.    Heck, it’s hard to break up in any relationship.  While I’m nervous about how she’ll be the next time we see each other, I have to remind myself that I’m being Authentically Janie and part of that is Embracing Life’s Changes!  But honestly, it still feels yucky even though it feels good to have a new hairdo…

Have you ever had to break up with a stylist?


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15 Responses to I Broke Up With My Hairdresser

  1. TJ Fox says:

    It took me YEARS to find someone that I liked to do my hair. I’m flighty when it comes to my hair. I love having it done, but I feel guilty spending the money, so I tend to drag it out and only go a few times a year rather than when I really should. I change my hair (color or style) often, but in the past, it has been incredibly rare that I found someone that actually did my hair in a way that I liked. Meaning, they did what I asked, but were also honest about the result before they started work so I could make a good decision about what I wanted. Now, I love the lady that does my hair (actually JUST went again the other day). She will tell me straight up the downsides to what I’m asking, but will still do what I ask if I really want it and I have never been unhappy with what she has done. When I want a change, we discuss it. She gives me suggestions to get where she thinks I want to be and then does what I ask. I don’t think I ever went to the same person more than 2 or 3 times in the past, but I’ve been seeing her for a few years now (maybe close to 4?) and have zero desire to look anywhere else.

    Hair is such a huge part of anyone’s self image, so not having the right person doing it for you or doing the things you ask can really mess with you. Anyone that has ever had even one bad cut or color can tell you that. You absolutely need to find someone that works with you and makes you happy. Friend or not, you are still paying them for a service and if you aren’t happy with that service, you need to go elsewhere. If they take offense to that when you tried to tell them you weren’t happy and they didn’t work to fix that, that is on them, so don’t feel bad.


  2. Woo boo blonde, blondes do have more fun 😉 I have lots of blonde highlights because they blend well with my grey hair, would love to see a photo 🙂


  3. Good for you. I’ve recently changed to a local village place and they do a good job (without the inflated price).Yes, love the blonde highlights too. 🙂


  4. Create Space says:

    I’m glad you did what you needed to do Janie, change is good and a future thinking stylist is willing to upskill and change for the better too!


  5. Lana says:

    I have broken up with my hd of 2 years – no regret. I was tired of wonky cuts with no apology and being in a gossip ridden salon. I found a nice place now and further the further local walk 🙋


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