Evolve Or Revolve

I’ve been reading today and trying to choose how my 2019 will be.  What finds me so happy is a full blank book of days to fill as I choose.  At first being divorced had me squandering my time, spinning my wheels in confusion and angst along with doing what I could to engage healing.  But the final blow to end the confusion with trying my best to co-parent and to stay friendly with my former inlaws was severed by them recently and I am no longer looking back.  I accept their decision, much as I accepted his (after time) and I look forward to breathing again in my own space.

So, I am released, just as I was in my marriage.  I have a hard time letting go as you may have noticed in reading my blog.  I was never the girl that liked goodbyes, even though they signify a new beginning or adventure.  It’s not so much as liking to live in the past, but more of not giving up on people, situations, places without trying my best to help to heal them and me.  What I learned in 2018 and not always in an easy way, was that I only control me.  I am only responsible for me.  I cannot choose how people see me or decide anything about me.  I can only continue to be me, to improve me and to increase my healing as I evolve.

So that’s what I’m saying to you too.  We have two choices:  EVOLVE or REVOLVE around the past.  Revolving and repeating the past doesn’t interest me.  So after all I’ve been through, I choose EVOLUTION!  What about you?  Would you like to join me on a new adventure?

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11 Responses to Evolve Or Revolve

  1. I love this, I have goosebumps!! Of course evolve!


  2. I can’t wait for your new adventures 😄


  3. Create Space says:

    What great learning Janie and an even greater future ahead!!


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